Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 8 Surprise stay in Vegas

Day 8 was supposed to be our day to fly home and be in Utah around 7:30 that night. After a tearful goodbye at the Gatwick England Airport with Niel and Carolee Ryan and I were plenty early to make our flight. Well our 2 hour wait turned into 4 hours since our plane was delayed. We finally made it onto our flight to Las Vegas and 10 1/2 hours of movie watching. By the time we made it into Las Vegas we had already missed our connecting flight to Utah. Tyler, My parents, and Janette geared up  for one more night while we were stuck in Vegas. The airline put us up in the Tropicana and payed for our dinner that night. The sad thing was Ryan and I were jet legged and so tired that we were trying to stay awake during dinner and then really partied it up in Vegas by falling asleep by 9pm. The only problem was we were use to London time so at 3am we were wide awake and ready to go. Lucky for us we had to meet our shuttle at 3:50 am to get to the airport for our 6:30 flight home.

Steve was so nice and picked us up at the airport and we were home by 10:30am on Weds. We picked up Emery from my parents house, drove home and Ryan quickly showered and went to work. Emery so very happy to have mom home and we came home to snow on April 2. The best part about our flight getting messed up was that is was on April Fools day so Janette had a hard time believing it was real and that we weren't pulling a prank on her!

Since there was snow on the ground and Emery was ready to play with mom again, we had to go outside and built a snowman! It was a great day and it was so nice to have my kids come home, even my 13 year old, and come running in to give me a hug hello! We brought home an airborn beenie for Tyler, WW2 inspired lego for Treven, and Effiel Tower necklaces for the girls. The hit was the candy and chocolate for England and it lasted about an hour before it was gone!

This was a once in a lifetime trip and it bite me with the travel bug and I can't wait to go out of the country again. The best part was meeting so many different people from all over and getting to spend 8 days with Ryan and seeing Ryan's parents. We have so much family and friend support that we couldn't of gone without their help! We are so blessed!

Back to the real world!!!!!

Day 7 our marathon day in London

Monday morning it was time to take the train and the Tube into London. So we "Minded the Gap" and made our way into downton London. We first went up and saw Big Ben which was a lot bigger than I thought, walked by the House Of Parliament, and walked over to Westminster Abbey. We toured throught the Abbey and it was really cool to see all the burial places of famous people like Queen Elizabeth, and many other kings and queens. They also had a poets corner were some of the poets are buried or had a memorial in their names. After we toured the Abbey we went back over to the London Eye which is a huge ferris wheel type and saw all of London. After the eye we went and ate lunch and then went on the Double Decker Bus tour so we could see the rest of England since we didn't have much time.  After the Double Decker Bus tour we made our way back to the Tube and on the Train to take us back to Surrey area. For dinner Carolee said she would make us anything we wanted and all we wanted was a grilled cheese and ham and tomato soup for our last meal with them!

On the Tour we got to see The Tower of London, The London Bridge, the side of Buckingham palace, and many other great sites. Ryan had to take this picture because I told him his bright red shoes were a dead give away that he was an American, so when he saw this Canadian women with her bright blue running shoes he had to take a picture!