Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Break in St. George

Fall Break was here and boy were we ready for a little family vacation! Between work, football, football, school, more work, and school it was nice to finally have some time together! We left Weds night and headed down to St. George with Dylan in tow with us for the weekend. Thursday we woke up late since we were up late watching a movie and spent the morning swimming while Tyler and Ryan went golfing with his friend Kyle and his dad Nathan Gage. The day was kinda cool and raining but that didn't stop us from getting in the pool!

I was a wimp that day only played in the hot tub with the kids but had fun sitting on the edge taking pictures of the kids!

Emery has been fighting and fighting wearing her life jacket in the pool and has spend most of her time just playing on the steps. Well she finally gave in and a whole new world opened up to her! She put on her life jacket and found out that she can float! She was running and jumping in, and just amazed at how she would stay above water. She only ran and told me twenty times that, mommy I float and I can swim too!

When Ryan and Tyler made it back from golfing we took the kids up to a new hike in Santa Clara that I found on the internet, it was a hike up to some indian drawings which were located on these rocks right above the Santa Clara river. It was a beautiful little walk out to them. It was a little windy and cold and since Tyler forgot his coat he tried to see if Emery's extra coat would work for him!

After out hike we went out to eat with our neighbors the Johnson's, Grover's, and Schmutz's that were also down in St. George for the weekend together renting a house. We went out to Brick Oven and boy does it get loud when you are a party of twenty three (most of them are children) and seated next to two Senior Games participates (the world Senior games were this weekend in St. George also), that were all celebrating with a little fun and alcohol! Atleast they were all drunk and found out kids entertaining and not annoying or loud!

The girls got a little bored after dinner and made a drink with ingredients that I don't think are legal to consume, but that didn't stop them from chanting each parents name to drink it. Blake got the closest to looking like he drank it! Way to go Blake.

Friday we spent the morning out swimming again while Ryan, Tyler, and Treven went out golfing with the Johnson boys, the Grover boys and Blake. Dylan, Halle, Emery, and I fun swimming, and since it was not raining and warmer I did get in the big pool this time!

When the boys got back from Golfing we met up with the neighbors to go and hike the Red cliffs and show them the little narrows that everyone loves to go through. The kids all had a ball running around. All the kids went through the Narrows but alsa us adults were all too a little 'big" to go through with them.

After the hike we got ready to go out to the house our friends had rented but I think Emery had had to much fun already and fell asleep before we were off again.

We had a fun night of playing with all our friends and the kids loved getting to swim in their salt water pool! The adults had fun playing some pool and just talking! Ryan of course was in on the fun with the kids and made sure that even though the rest of us weren't in the pool getting wet, he made sure his cannon balls gave us a little taste of the water!

We finally left after a couple of hours and made our way home. I love this picture of Emery since you can tell she is just fighting to stay awake. Which she did since for the last two nights the kids hadn't been in bed before midnight. We were also working on a Lake Powell puzzle together and it was driving us nuts to get the thing completed!

Saturday came to quick and it was time for more swimming with the kids, but this time Ryan was in charge while I went and did some shopping with Liz, Stephanie, and Jessica. It was fun getting some girl time in. After shopping I went back and got the kids so Ryan could rest for a little bit, and we went out to the Hurricaine Avaiation Day. It was small but the kids had fun looking at some old cars and planes along with getting their picture taken and getting a snowcone! After that is was back to the condo so Tyler could go hang out with his friend Clayton while we swam some more. Ryan even got to go hang out with the guys for little bit and watch the BYU game.

Saturday night was adult night so Ryan, Janette, and I went out to eat while the kids stayed home with Tyler babysitting, it was a nice little break. We got back and started a movie and again stayed up late. By Sunday we were all swimmed out and ready to go home. It was a great weekend and it was so much fun getting family time in and for Janette to join us too! I am glad our friends were down there to add in the fun. We even got a facetime call from Niel and Carolee to top off the trip! But trips are always fun but boy is it nice to be back in your own bed!