Thursday, August 9, 2012

Island Park with the Strong Side

Our last summer trip was the Strong Family Trip to Island Park. Ryan's family had never been up there and so I hope his family loved it as much as we did! We had a blast all staying in a lake side cabin and playing for 3 days. We spent the first day driving the fun 6 hours up there, but of course you can't keep the kids from getting out in on the lake so Ryan and Steve took some of the kids out to get some tubing time in before nightfall. Later that night Steve and Brad had an adventure with the boat and a sandbar and to get the full story you will have to call Steve! Lucky for us the boys and a lot of pray got the boat off the sandbar the next day and we put in a full day from 9am to almosts 8pm boating, swimming, tubing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, laying out, and basically have a great day at the lake! Friday we went up to Yellowstone then came back and did a little bit more swimming and boating. Saturday it was time to go home but our family, Larsen's, Janette, and the Lamberts took a little detour and spend a couple hours at Lava Hot Springs getting in a little bit more swimming before it was time to head home. It was a great couple days and as always the kids had a ball getting to share a big bedroom together and staying up late playing games and laughing a ton. The adults also had fun staying up late playing games and talking.

I wasn't too good about taking pictures and I will get the ones off Ryans phone soon.