Friday, January 9, 2015

Great Start to 2015

New Years Eve was a great day with playing with friends and getting ready to have the Strong side over for food, games, and staying up late! The kids had fun running around and causing chaos, while the adults played games and learned a lot about each othe from a fun game called, "What's yours like". At Midnight we ran out in the bitter cold to go and watch the Childs family firework show at the park! Jan. 1st we all slept in and had a great time just getting anothe day of freedom and friends. Saturday we took off with the kids and spent the day skiing. While Ryan took the kids up the mountain Emery and I had fun on the tow rope. A little later in the day the Obergs came up and Emery loved getting to play around with Suzy and Rebecca on the slopes.

The first week of January has gone by fast with lots of Basketball between Treven and Tyler, getting back into a schedule, and of course school! I am teaching Primary this year and have the cutest class! Emery loves her teachers Kristy Crandall and Jodie Allred. She had Kristy last year and has learned so much from her. I love all of Emerys comments to me and what Kristy has told me she has commented in her primary class:

Learning about the crucification of Christ, "Why did they want to hurt him, Jesus is such a nice guy!"

Mom when all the blood goes out of my body that is when I go back to Jesus right.

Mom did you know that Jesus is up in Heaven with Heavenly father and Mother and i am going to see him one day, but not yet I want to stay here with you.

Emery is loving Preschool and keeps asking when she gets to go to Kindergarten so she can go on the bus! She has made a new friend Letley and they have so much fun together! Halle is turning into our little pro skier and has had so much fun going up skiing with her dad. Treven is getting better at basketball and loving his team. He is even getting up for the 6am practices! Tyler is practicing hard with his freshman team and even though they are having a tough year they are all giving it their all.

Love this picutre. I have been very busy trying to get a new "adventure" off the ground with a new company while still working my job at the hospital so Emery has gotten a little bored of mom working so much. She has resorted to tying herself up with skips leash!