Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Treven's 9th Birthday

I can't believe my little Trevy is 9! For the last 2 months Treven has been asking for a ezy roller that some of the kids on the block have. He even tried to bribe me with money and told me he would pay me to take him down to get it and I then coud hide it until his birthday. He just wanted to make sure that we had it! Well the big day finally arrived and of course he was awoken with breakfast in bed and our wonderful singing! Treven then went and found his present from mom and dad which was a new bike. He loved it but you could tell he was wondering were his ezy roller was. I picked Treven up from school to go to lunch with Ryan and my mom and dad. Again Treven asked if by chance he had one more gift and could it be the ezy roller. I tried to tell him that he had no more gifts coming from mom and dad and even though he didn't cry I could tell he wanted to. When we made it to Two Jacks Grandma and Grandpa brought a nice big gift from them and from Grandma and Grandpa Strong which to his suprise was the ezy roller! Well Treven turned to me and told me that this was the best day ever!

After lunch with my parents it was back to school. That night we had sloppy joes up at Grandma and Grandpa Strong's house along with cake and ice cream for Trevens birthday. That night we let Dylan and Luke sleepover. Treven had a great Birthday!

September days

Oh September..... football, soccer, more soccer, sunny days and waiting for those cool fall nights, and of course more football and soccer! This month has been a busy one for this family with Ryan coaching Tyler's football team, Tyler playing football, Treven playing HC storm soccer and flag football, Halle playing soccer and mom helping with her team, and then poor Emery getting drug to every game. But I wouldn't want it any other way!

Tylers Football team has been doing awesome and is at this moment undefeated. Tyler has been playing corner back on defense and loving every minute. Treven now has the football bug and loves playing defense and getting those flags. Soccer has been a great thing for Treven and I don't think I have ever seen him so happy and tired, yes Treven tired, by the end of the week with playing two sports. Halle has been kicking butt in soccer and every game gets a goal and has this very unique way of kicking the ball. She runs with her hands out and when she kicks the ball it is like she jumps up and kicks her legs with it. I need to video her doing it because it is like a mad ballerina!

Now that Tyler is a big Jr. Higher Tyler went to his first dance. Carter and Tyler went down and hung out with the football team. They both came home with smiles and Tyler told me he really liked the dances and can't wait for the next one. Tyler must of have liked them since he got asked to dance by two girls and then he was brave and asked a girl to dance! I didn't think he would be so daring since I remember my first Jr. High dance and I stood by the wall with a group of girls to afraid to ask a boy to dance.

Poor Emery has to spend her mornings with mom and most the time it is spend with mom trying to get the house clean or doing some project, so Emery is getting good at entertaining herself if we can't find a friend. This morning she found a "beautiful dress like a princess" and had to wear it all day. She even asked me to take her picture! And if I must say so myself she does look like a pretty princess!

We were lucky one night and Lezlee let Ryan and I babysit Elsie and boy did we have a fun time having a snuggly baby around again!

This year Ryan bought his dad's season tickets to the BYU football games. Tyler and Ryan have been having a blast going to the games together!

This year it was Ryans 20 year high school reunion so we had fun being a part of this years high school homecoming! First was the light parade down at the high school along with the burning of the S. Ryan was in the parade along with Treven who was faster than Halle and got to jump up on the float with dad. Next day was the homecoming assembly were Ryan got to be a world class syngernized swimmer. It was a great assembly and Ryan did really good!

Steve picking up the crew from the burning of the S in Niel's golf cart


Sunday, September 2, 2012

June, July, September..... What Happened to August

I know this year summer when by way to fast but I swear August didn't come this year! I remember July and all the fun trips we got to take and then I woke up and it was September 1st. All I can remember about August was getting ready for school, trying to swim a couple more times before our days were going to be filled with soccer, football and school, and of course Halle's 6th birthday!

Here are some random shots of Summer:

Going to bed before 10pm was a hard thing during the summer and that meant a lot of sleeping in for this family. Along with sleeping in it seemed like we had one or two little girls make there way into our bed and Emery seemed to love to snuggle with her feet.

Tyler and Ryan worked really had this summer getting the underground dog fence in so Skip could have more running room.

Like said the summer went so fast and I of course forgot to bring my camera to the end of summer activities that the next pictures were of the first day of school. Tyler was going to the big Jr. High and mom was having a very hard time with the fact that she had a Jr high student now! But it was fun to see him so excited about going to school, getting a locker, and of course lunch time had many more options than the elementary lunch. Treven was also excited to be a big 3rd grader!

Since Halle was to start kindergarten again she didn't have her first day of school until the next week so she got to spend one more week playing with mom and Emery. That meant a couple more playgroups at the park and some shopping with mom. Halle was a little scared to go to kindergarten since she didn't know anyone in her class, but she loved meeting her new teacher Mrs. VanAusdal and then already making some new friends on her first day of school.

August 22 brought Halle's 6th Birthday and a week of celebration. We woke up Halle with our wonderful singing of Happy Birthday and a big pink doughnut. That day was spend shopping for her presents, going to lunch at Magebly's with her dad, grandma and grandpa Strong, and then it was time for her first soccer game. She did awesome and made 6 goals on her 6th birthday. Since we had a lot going on her birthday we had her friend party that Saturday and then had the family over for cake and ice cream on Sunday.

Halle really wanted a zoo party so we did a theme around animals and had a bunch of her friends come over and play animal games, make masks, eat pizza and then we had a lady come from an animal reserve bring 4 animals to our house for the kids to learn about and touch. Halle had choosen for the lady to bring was a skunk (it had been de-stinked),  a sugar glider, a fox, and a baby hedghog. Of course I forgot the camera when the animals came since I was a little busy with two little girls that were deathly afraid of the animals. By the end those two little girls touch the fox. The lady was wonderful and then let us see all the animals in her car and brought out a funny bird that the kids had a ball talking to.

Sunday was cake and ice cream with the family, Halle wanted a lady bug cake, so mom gave it the ole college try and it ended up looking like lady bug road kill. Lucky for me Halle loved the cake so I guess it worked out in the end.

Tyler and Ryan have been spending some quality time out on the golf course this las month.

Labor day weekend was rainy and wet so we have been spending a lot of time inside and coming up with fun things to do as a family. Friday night we had an indoor camp out and put the tent up in the basement, made tin foil dinners and then went up to Grandma and Grandpa Strong to roast marshmellows. Then it was back to sleep in the tent along with a movie in the tent. Saturday we went bowling with the clements family and then the boys went to the movies while the girls went shopping, Sunday we did a fun family home evening that was Tyler's idea. He saw a cool cake in the friend and it was the one Pres Monson mother made for him on his birthday. So Tyler went to work with mom's help and we made the cake along with learning some things about President Monson. Thank you Tyler for the fun FHE!