Monday, May 27, 2013

Last day of school and Memorial Weekend

Well, the last day of school for the kids finally arrived and the kids could hardly stand it. Tyler had a great last week of school getting to go to Lagoon and hang out with his friends and then spending the last day of school hanging out with different friends, running around with Easton, and then having a Fondue night with Ryan and family while mom was at work. Halle played and played outside with friends from noon until 5pm and boy did the sun kiss those cheeks. It is amazing how much fun you can have with water balloons, sand boxes, a trampoline, and girls running around in their swimming suits. Emery joined Halle with playing outside all day either here with Halle or over at Susie's house. Mom got a lot of yard work done while everyone was outside enjoying the warm weather. Treven was out with friends and mom didn't see much of him.

Saturday brought our Annual BBQ and burning of the homework at our house. It was a fun time getting together with all the neighbors and watching the kids run around playing games, baseball, kickball, roasting smore's, and burning the homework.

Sunday we had fun getting together with Grandma and Grandpa Averett for some sunday dinner and then going up the canyon to Niel's property with Steve and the boys, Niel and Carolee, and Brad and Lezlee and kids to roast smore's again, play some baseball and let the kids run around. That night the kids minus Tyler and mom slept out on the trampoline.

Monday was Memorial Day and time for our breakfast at Salem Pond. Ryan was sick and Treven wasn't feeling well either so mom, Halle, Tyler, and Emery went over with the Strong Family and had some yummy breakfast, tried to feed the ducks, which this year they were missing from the pond, and had fun being together as a family. Emery was a swing-a-holic and didn't want to stop since she now as she puts it knows how to "got back and forth, back and forth".

Last but not least, Treven advanced and recieved his bear badge at pack meeting this month, way to go Treven!

Gradutions and Author's party's....

May came quickly with our family being busy with baseball, getting yards ready for mother's day and for Niel and Carolee's farewell, enjoying my mother's gift from Ryan with a weekend in Park City with my friends, having to say goodbye to my Grandpa Averett who passed away unexpectly two days after mother's day and just a year from when my Grandma Averett had passed on, getting to see the Averett and Colton's cousin for a day when they all came in for the funeral, Tyler expericing his first car crash when someone totaled our van, and basically running from one thing to the next. Halle was the first to have her Kindergarten Graduation day along with her Author's party and showing me all the stuff she has learned this year and done. Emery couldn't leave the store without getting Halle some balloons and her one too! We loved Mrs. V and she was a wonderful teacher and just loved Halle. Everytime I was mother helper she would always tell me how much she just loved having Halle in her class and how wonderful she was.

I missed Treven's Authors party due to getting Tyler ready to go backpacking with the scouts at a last minutes notice. But Treven forgave me when he got to leave school early and pick any treat he wanted at Reams. First it was a Red Bull and I did have to say no, but then he picked a Dr. Pepper and was happy!

With Grandma and Grandpa Strong leaving soon for their mission they have been trying to catch some of the kids games before they leave. It is nice having Dylan and Treven on the same team and Tyler and Easton so they are always killing two birds with one stone.

The next graduation on the list was Halle's and Emery's gymnastics graduation showcase. I have more pictures of Emery since they let us come in the room with her while Halle's you had to watch from a balcony and couldn't get that good of pictures. But the girls loved doing it this year and you can always get a kid to feel special when you get a trophy at the end of the year. Halle took the class with her friend Eliie and Emery got to hang with her little brother Swayer who is quickly becoming a sidekick in mayhem when those two are together!