Sunday, July 26, 2015


During July we had the chance to take some family time. Over July 4th we went with the Strong side up to Beckie and Erics cabin up at Strawberry Lake. We had fun staying up there eating, playing games, painting nails (not to meant the mens and Trevens!), swimming, kayaking, boating (Tyler has learned how to clear the wake on the wakeboard), going crawdad hunting (which was pretty fun I have to say), and just being together as family! Since we couldn't light of any fireworks Treven had a great idea and taped glow sticks to his body and gave us a little performance to Niel Diamonds Coming to america.

We spent more time at Salem Pond with the neighborhood, took the kids up to Boondocks, went up to Dripping rock with Marla and kids, which I have never been there and or heard of so it was fun to go somewhere I have never been, movies and basically getting some playing time in with the kids. Tyler got to go to Football camp, Emery did swim lessons, Halle had another soccer tournament, and Treven started Lacrosse along with doing golf camp.

Over the 24th of July we went down with the Johnsons, Clements, Welschs, Grovers, and us to escalante to hike down into Blue Belly and Calf Creek. The kids did amazing and we had a fun day hiking, swimming, jumping off of a little cliff, and being amazed that the little kids all did almost 7 to 8 miles of hiking without to much complaining. We did a boating day with the kids at Utah lake the day before with their friends and had a blast getting some great tubing in since the water was really choppy! On June 25th it was time for the annual Eberhard reunion up in Logan and the big water slide. This never gets old and the kids had some much fun, along with Ryan and I, getting wet and getting some good runs in on the slide!