Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June days

For Two weeks the girls went to swim lessons down at the Springville Pool and loved every minute and they had the best teachers. Treven is doing the Seals Swim Team this summer and swims an hour each morning. What a great energy releaser for him! Along with swimming every morning Treven is going to summer school with his friend 3 days of week and when he found out who his teacher was going to be he turned around to me and pumped his fist and said YES! Way to Mrs. Delamas. Tyler is staying busy with golfing as much as he can and doing a summer camp over at East Bay golf Course with some friends.

With the kids home all day now we have to come up with some fun activities to get all of us out. This week we went up canyon to Jolleys ranch with our neighbor friends and had fun playing in the creek and on the playground while the mommies got some gossip time. The kids were also having a blast getting chip cups and trying to catch some fish, they were close a couple times but we didn't have to take any fish home thanks heaven!

While daddy was down in Lake Powell with the Young Mens me and the kids played. Tyler got to go out with his friend chase to lunch and to see Man Of Steel, while Halle went boating with the Obergs and Treven and Emery and I along with his friend Cole went down to the Nickle arcade. Then it was mom's turn to play and she went to the late show with Nan while all the kids stayed home with Tyler. Well Emery tried to stay up to the bitter end and when I got home at 1am this is where I found my little emery asleep

Mom needed a cleaning day and sleep day since i worked and found this fun idea on Pintrest were you make paint that dries like chalk. The girls had a lot of fun.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Art City Days and Niel and Carolee leaving for their mission

Art City days are here again, so bring on the carnie food and people! Our family loves the carnival and LOVES carnie food! Horrible right. This year the funarama was back so I took the little kids down with Denise, Joanie, Lezlee, and Marthea to go and get their tatoos and hair colored, ride the rides, and watch a magic show. Tyler went with the older boys of my friends to the movie and the had a blast being grown up going to the movies by their selves an talking about minecraft!

Emery loved all the rides and mom just loved when she went on the train with her friends and didn't come back! I guess the train couldn't make it up the hill so they had everyone get off and then get back on. Well Emery wasn't going to wait to get back on so she just decided to run over to the bouncy houses and play there! Lets just say I panic for a minute until I located her shoes and then found her running between the bouncy houses! I feel like I have another Treven on my hands. I just let Treven go with his friend and he had fun running from thing to thing.

Mom got sick over the weekend so Emery had to play doctor and listen to everyone's hearts. Lucky for us dad was the first patient and she was trying to listen to his heart in his belly. So dad had to show her were the heart was and she just took it from there and had to listen to everyone's.

Friday afternoon we took the kids down to the carnival with Lezlee, Holly's and Liz's kids. They had a blast going from ride to ride and Halle went on the big rides this year. She loved it until she got a little sick at the end, but I don't think you can no have that happen when you go on the scrambler over 4 times! Tyler went with Clayton his friend and Aspen and we didn't see them for the next two hours. We had fun and even Grandma Carolee took time out of her day from packing and getting ready to leave this Sunday for their mission and joined in the fun. It was fun to spend some more time with her before they leave. Halle was off with Jackson her cousin while Treven found some friends from school and was off! He did win a huge blow up sword so his day went fantastic for him

Like I said we love our carnie food and Emery is just like her dad, Give her a giant corndog all fried up and she will out eat anybody!

The parade was Saturday and we met up with all the Strong Cousins, Ryan was in the parade this year since it was his 20th renion. Again Treven came out on top with the largest bag full of candy. I keep tellling people we don't need food storage when you have Treven, he is the best scavanger there is and he will out live all of us. The kids has lived through and not got sick when he licked the entire handrail at Disneyworld and licked a urnial cake! YUCK. But he is good and healthly. After the parade mom went and took a nap while everyone joined up at Janette's for the yearly BBQ. Then we went up to Grandma and Grandpa Strong's to help them get some things packed away and then the adults went to dinner at Ruby River while the kids all played at our house. The adults came back and it was getting close to the fabulous firework show! Mom slept through the whole thing but according to the kids it was AWESOME!