Thursday, November 5, 2015


October was here and it brought more great weather, Jakers pumpking patch fun that we visit every year, Halloween ,football, Fall break down in St. George, Tyler receiving his Eagle Scout award, and Emery's 6th Birthday. Tyler had is last sophomore football game. It was so fun to see Tyler go from getting little playing time as a linebacker to getting more playing time and getting switched in as a running back (he got three touchdowns this year), linebacker, receiver (had a great one handed catch on the 2 yard down in the last game), and defensive end. Tyler had a great year and worked hard. The even got to stay on with the varsity team to help them practice and wear a uniform on the line. He is excited since SHS has a great chance to make it to state this year, all teams came in first in their region. Treven also had his last football game. They only lost one game and made it to the superbowl. It was a great game against the other team but they lost this year in the superbowl. Treven was a tackling machine and had a great time playing on the defense as whip. Halle  also ended her soccer season on a high note also.

We had a great time down in St. George for fall break and enjoying the sun and fun with our neighbor friends the Johnson's, Schmutz's, Grover's, and Blackburn's. We did a lot of swimming, golf, games, shopping, eating, movies, and basically just having a great break from a busy season.

Emery turned 6 on October 27th and she was so excited for her birthday to come. She had been counting down since Halle's birthday. Emery got some legos and breakfast in bed and then had family over for cake and ice cream. Emery's bike didnt' come until two days later but it was worth the wait, she was so excited and had to ride it out of Walmart! Halloween was also upon us at it brought Halloween  shool parties, the Halloween parade with Treven getting to preform the every popular Thriller dance with his classmates, and the Annual Strong Halloween party at Aunt Beckie's house.

Halloween was on a Saturday this year and so we had Emery's friend party during the day and then let the kids loose to trick or treat. Tyler of course spend the night with his friends, treven took off at 5 and to out with his buddies and didn't return until 10pm, Halle and Emery went with all the girls in the nieghborhood and dads to trick or treat and then back to Grover's for a movie night.