Wednesday, November 4, 2015

August brings school and Halle turning the big 9.....

With school coming upon us we squeezed in some last summer fun. We found time to go to Provo beach resort with our neighborhood friends and Lezlee, drove down to Mt. Pleasant to catch a true drive inn movie with the kids (whiched turned out to be a lot more fun then I expected), went on some more hikes with one being with our ward friends to Battle Creek falls and the other a playdate at Salem pond and a hike up Payson canyon with the old neighborhood crew, and went down to Vernal for the weekend to get in some boating and family fun with the Colton clan!

Poor Treven was so bugged by his football helment and his long hair that we had to do a a quick cut for the practice and then ran down to get his hair fixed!

Tyler was the winner for the most cavities this year out of all the kids! But he atleast got an awesome mouth guard made by his uncle.

The first day of school seemed like it came even sooner this year, which it did by almost three days then last year. The kids were ready to go back and mom was ready for a schedule again! Emery was so excited about starting kindergarten but sadly she had to wait another week before her first day of school. Tyler is a sophmore this year and starting his first year at the high school, Treven is in 6th grade and it will be his last year at Brookside, Halle is in 3rd grade and of course our little Emery will be starting kindergarten.  And we love that the bus stop is always in front of our house!

With the first week of school it not only brought us football games starting, soccer games in full swing, but also Halle's 9th birthday! This year Halle wanted a beach cruiser bike and that is what she got! She was so excited. She also got her annual breakfast in bed and the wonderful singing the strong family produces when we sing together for birthday's! Halle had school and then that night we had all the family over for cake and ice cream.

Saturday we spent the day at soccer games and Halle's team sang to her, dad and I took her out to lunch at Outback, and then she spent the day riding her bike, when dad wasn't trying to steal it!

At the end of August we got to send out nephew Jay out on his mission. Jay is going to be serving the people of Ukraine. It was so sad to say goodbye but so exciting to see him serve the lord.

The day finally came that Emery had her first day of school. She was up and ready the morning of and was so excited to see her classroom. Emery got Mrs. Gallagher,Treven got Mrs. Meza, and Halle got Mrs. Wertner, I feel like I hit the lottery with teachers this year. Tyler even got lucky on who is teachers are for his sophmore year.

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