Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas is HERE!!!

This year Christmas came early with Grandma and Grandpa Averett's party on Dec. 20th with the Colton family. We had a fun time eating good food and the talent show. From our family Treven played his recital piece and then Tyson and Tyler stole the show with "what do you do with a big fat butt". After is was time for the kids favorite way to get one of their gifts, the fish pond. Grandma and Grandpa don't stop there, then the kids and adults get more gifts to open. Tyler got a new ski helmet, Treven mincraft legos, Halle Disney Infinity xbox game, and Emery  got and Elsa doll and dress. The kids made out like bandits while Ryan and I were spoiled again also by my parents. Last it was time for the famous Grandpa averett races and the Strong family couldn't hold onto the title and the Coltons took it home this year!

Then on Sunday Dec 21st we had Janette's party at her house with all of Ryan's side. It was a great time again eating good food, enjoying everyones company, Janette gave a great Christmas lesson and the kids got cute Christmas bags from Janette.

Tues day night we went up with Lezlee and Brad and kids, Beckie and Eric and kids, and Janette to see the lights at temple square. It was a fun time getting up their since last year we missed the lights. We had Autumn sleep over Monday to Tues night and the kids went down to Nickle Mania while Tyler was out snowboarding with his friend Chase. After the lights we all went Denny's, which had to have been the slowest and direst denny's every and I am not a germaphob but it was pretty bad, but we had a good time getting some food and talking.

Christmas Eve came so fast after that and we spent the day going skiing with the kids up to Sundance. Emery didn't quite know how to feel about the ski boots so her and I spent some time letting her have her tanturm and then getting hot chocolate and then finally we made it to the tow rope! Ryan, Tyler, Halle, and Treven went up on the mountain and had a great time even though the snow wasn't the best. Since my parents were down in Vernal we went up to Grandma and Grandpa Strong's for a Christmas Eve dinner and the kids got their Christmas Jammies from Grandma and Grandpa the highlight of the night! They missed not getting  those last year when Grandma and Grandpa were on their mission.

Janettes party

Christmas Eve after Grandpa and Grandmas party we went home to find Santa had dropped off our Christmas eve jammies. Then it was off to bed after a little bit of rough housing. The kids were awake at 7 am with Tyer textings us about 20 heys in a row to make sure we were awake. The kids were a little excited! The opening of the presents went a little slower this year since we had the kids wait until the person before them had opened so instead of Christmas being over in 10 minutes we stretched it to 30 mins!

 The colton kids Jaron, Kenadi, and Megan were up dec 26th to stay with Grandma and Grandpa while Jackie and Trent went out of town. The kids had fun sledding together on Friday and then we all went to the movie to see Big Hero 6. Jaron slept over and saturday while the boys went sledding with Tyler the girls and went to the movies again to see Into the Woods. The kids played the rest of the weekend until our kids went and slept over at Steves' and Aunt Beckies while Ryan and I celebrated our 16th year anniversary! It was a fun week.