Thursday, March 22, 2012

Moab fun

Every year we get to go down to Moab in March and leave the kids home so us parents can go have a little adult fun! We have always gone down with the excuse it is to run the Moab half marathon but this year we played a lot more than in the years past and made it not only about running. Thanks to all of our babysitters we were able to leave bright and early Friday morning with the Riley and stephanie and Tate and Marla so we could get some jeeping in. Riley's brother Kyle and his friend met us down their and it was time to load in our rented jeeps and hit some trails. Of course who ever reads the instruction manual, but had we been that one in a million that always reads the fine print we would have known that the first trail we went on was on the prohibited list. So off we went on hells revenge and lucky do us we did roll or damage the jeeps. The guys did a great job driving while Marla and I, who were in the same jeep, we're great at a screaming and even jumping out when Tate and Ryan tried out a hole called the car wash! It was a fun day of enjoying 70 degree weather, jeeping also at fins and things, eating at our traditional spot the Moab brewery and then off to bed for our race while liljiana and Robert came late that night. Since the race landed on st. Patrick's day the girls made sure we were dresses for the occasion with green eyeshadow and lipstick along with funky socks. Marla and I ran the 5 mile run while everyone else ran the half. It was a great race and then it was off to shower and get a late lunch. After eating we went to a couple of shops and then grab a movie and snacks and headed back to the condo. The girls played some games while the boys watched a movie at the other condo since us girls were being to loud with all our laughing. After the last game the boys came back and were good sports about watching the new footloose. The only good thing about that movie is I got a nap in! Sunday came to quick and we still needed to get some hiking in and the weather was supposed to keep getting worse so we got a quick breakfast and went hiking in the rain. It was a great hike that left us all a little wet and ready to get in the dry cars. We stopped in price for lunch and then it was time to go back to reality and being parents. It was a fun weekend with friends and we are already planning next year and we will be better about jeeping on approved trails.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to school

Taking Halle and Luke to school today had me rolling in laughter. As I was driving I could hear those two talking about their pj's and then it went to what their mom and dad wore for pj's. I knew this was going somewhere that probably wasn't going to be good. Luke started telling Halle that his mom will take off her close and she has white pajamas but sometimes his mom and dad just sleep naked all night long! Way to go lezlee and brad. But Luke then told Halle that sometimes mom has to keep her bra on so the milk stays in. Halle then told Luke that only moments that have babies have to wear a bra to bed but that most moments wear bras to keep their boobies from falling to the ground! Lucky for me she didn't say much about mine and Ryan's pj's just agreed with Luke about the white pj's.

Emery has been talking up a storm and I swear every day she learns new things to say. Her favorite thing to tell the kids if they tease her is that's not funny guys! She also loves to get dressed herself and then come ask if she looks pretty. Emery is also very smart and loves to pretend she is taking her nap until you hear a noisy toy going off in her room and she is laying in bed with the covers over her playing with her toy. She is my little shadow and you don't realize how much time you spend with your child until you don't have them with you and I still keep talking to myself and talking to other people like they are two! I can't count how many times I have asked Ryan if he needs to go potty or if he wants a snack before we go.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Maddness!

It is time again for the March Maddness to begin. Between over 8 birthdays in the family, baseball starting, finding the right tutor for Treven, work, and the school fundraiser, the 2nd week of March went by at a dizzing pace, but it was a fun week to have. After going to 3 different tutors and assessments we finally found a wonderful tutor to help Treven with his reading. Tyler gets to play baseball for his Grandpa this year and is excited to help Grandpa and mom start up a new excellerated baseball team called the Springville Reds. On March Ith we celebrated Grandpa Ken's birthday with a wonderful dinner of Mcdonalds, you have to love a man that is happy with a hamburger and fries, along with a cake made by Halle and singing by all! We love you Grandpa!!!!

Halle became his favorite when we brought out the cake and Halle had put the candles as 26 instead of 62. Way to kiss up Halle1

March 9th brought the end of two weeks of helping with the schools' read a thon and fundraiser. It was busy but a lot of fun seeing the whole school get into the spirit and watch these kids read an amazing amount of minutes along with the donations we recieved for the school and donations from business for prizes for the kids. Treven won a Star Wars Lego Book and Halle won a Brookside Tiger hoodie.

The kids loved the assembly since we had awesome prizes along with Cosmo who entertained the kids. Tyler's grade along with the 4th and 5th graders did a flash mob dance to Do Ra Me and it was awesome they had be practicing for a while and stunned the 1st grade to 3rd grade when the surpised them with the dance. Cosmo even got into the spirit and joined in the dance and kept up with those kids.

Treven was getting a little down due to his name not being called as a winner of a prize, but when his names was finally called you couldn't get that grin off his face all day long!

Tyler, Carter, and Grant were bored one day and made a carnival up for the kids in the neighborhood, They did a great job and had a blast making up games and entertaining all the kids. Way to go guys!

March 10th brought Ryan's 37th Birthday and since it was a Saturday we tried to let him sleep in, but of course Emery heard him filling up the tub and had to jump right in and then relax in bed with daddy watching his woodworking shows. While Ryan and Emery were lounging, the rest of the family got his breakfast in bed together. Bacon, Waffles, Buttermilk syrup, and kiwi was on the menu. We had a fun day of letting Ryan go running, which he logged in a 10 mile run, way to go old man, while the kids and I went up the canyon and rode our bikes down. Halle did great and made the whole trip on her own. That night Tyler babysat for us and we went out to Tucano's with Ryan's family and had a great time eating our fill of meat and more meat. Happy Birthday Ryan we love you!!!!