Friday, May 22, 2015

Spring Smorgasbord.....

April to May just ran together with all the craziness! We did find time to go and have a fun play date with Emery, Quincee, Rebecca and Suzie at Hang time. April 19th brought Tylers 15 birthday and his dream of FINALLY getting is learner permit so he can drive. Let me say it is nice to have my little taxi driver but I wish he could taxi drive without me sometimes! But come next year...... as I rub my hands together! For his birthday we had all the family over for cake and ice cream. Since his birthday fell on a Sunday he spent all weekend studying for the drivers test and bright and early monday morning we were off to the DMV. I couldn't be more happy for my teenage son and he passed and got the permit! It is bittersweet watching your kids grow up but exciting to see what the next couple years bring. I just can't believe I really only have 4 more years with this kid and he is out of the house! I hope he know how much we love him and respect him in a lot of ways. He is the one that if you tell him he can't or is weak he is going to practice and practice and prove you wrong! This has made watching him in sports so much fun since he just keeps improving and making the teams. Freshman basketball was fun to watch, but freshman baseball has been a blast, and he is with some good friends! Track has also been something he as excelled at this year and is doing awesome in the hurdles, high jump an the 400 meter! It makes sitting for 3 hours in the rain all worth it! He as been talking 1 or 2nd in all the meets so far in the hurdles and high jump.

Halle is our third kid to have Mrs. Staples and she is a rock star of a teacher! It never gets old to come down and see all the projects and fun stuff they do with her. This year Halle chose the panda as her report nad she did an awesome job making her habitat and working on her paper without much help from mom! Which mom likes. Halle also got to do the Flat Stanley send off this year. Treven and Tyler's flat stanley went out to idaho were Kim and Ryan live so our flat stanley usually doesn't travel to far, but this year Halle sent hers out to our friends the Turners in England and boy did they make sure Stanley had a great time. They sent him back with so much stuff and chocolate, which of course we all fought over because english chocolat is the best! But Maggie and Ian were so nice and wrote Halle with great letter explaining everything out in Nottingham England along with some toys and maps. She loved it and now we know were Emerys Flat Stanley may have to go when she gets to 2nd grade! Treven is loving scouts and with our professional fisherman Les Flake as his leader Treven is turning into quite the fisherman himself. Each time they go he is the one with the most fish caught, which means Ryan got the opportunity to teach Treven how to gut a fish!

May came and brought more of baseball, track meets, and then Treven had his 5th grade city track meet and did really well. He loves the long jump! He was even practicing at home jumping all over! Treven was also playing Lacrosse this year and has had a blast! I think we may have found his sport! His last game out in Saratoga Spring was awesome. He scored the first goal and then was just really into the game and blocking shots, it was a fun game to go to. The best part was a on the way home we found this really cool park, with a playground I have never seen before! This pyramid jungle gym was huge and I hope the picture of Treven on top does it justice!! Another great thing in May was our nephew Jay came home from his army training and Ryan helped stage a surprise homecoming for his parents. It went off without a hitch and Julie and Will were completely surprised!

Mothers day always brings the school made gifts which I love and Emery was so proud of her bedazzled flower pot we had to take a picture! Mothers day was nice and relaxing with the kids giving me another potted flowers which they all did on their own, cards, and a chance to relax!
This month was great because Tyer finally completed his Eagle requirements and became and Eagle scout! Way to Tyler, I mean mom, I mean Tyler!