Wednesday, June 4, 2008


On May 31 Tyler was baptized a member for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. Ryan baptized and confirmed Tyler and did a wonderful job with mom looking on crying of course. You all know me and my nice emotional outbursts. Tyler was so excited to be baptized and kept telling himself in the car on the way to the church, "remember to keep my toes down, keep my toes down". During the baptism Tyler played a musical number and did really well. He played "I am a child of God". After he was confirmed and they were going to say the closing pray I asked Tyler how he felt. He told me that he felt like he had the gospel inside of him and had a huge smile on his face. After he said that I was thinking wouldn't it be great if we all felt that way all the time. We want to thank everyone that came and showed support to Tyler and all the wonderful gifts. He was very excited to get all these great presents, but Treven felt a little left out and kept asking were his presents were. We had to tell him he has to wait until his baptism which may have almost happened at Tyler's if you were there and say Treven up front and center looking like he was ready to take the plunge!