Sunday, May 25, 2014

Easter weekend and finishing Tyler's birthday, treven and braces.....

April 20th was Easter and finishing out Tyler's birthday weekend with having Grandma and Grandpa over and then cake and ice cream with the Strong side. Tyler got a Hobble Creek golf pass along from mom and dad along with new Baseball cleats from Grandma and Grandpa. Along with birthday presents it was time for our silly Easter Bunny to bring an Easter surprise. The kids again loved how our silly rabbit hid their baskets and left them eggs with notes in them for our Easter egg treasure hunt. This year the rabbit hid their baskets under the big bed which were new rollarblades for everyone.

Then it was time for church and Emery was having a hard time getting ready for church this year, so our "family" easter picture had just 3 kids and then one on the ground in the mud room!

After church it was time for Grandma and Grandpa Averett's easter egg hunt. The kids love finding their money eggs and later in the week we went shopping with the money.

I can't believe it and I say it every year but my baby is growing up. He is the big 14 and has been growing like a weed, clown feet with his size 10 feet, as already started shaving, but he is still a mamma's boy and my right hand man. Happy birthday bud! He also moved up in the priesthood and became a teacher this Sunday.

Treven gets to join the world of brace face! He did an awesome job when they put them on but ended up rubbing the inside of his mouth with the braces so bad he spent the weekend with a swollen face and ripped up mouth! And he only has to be in the for 2 years!

After getting the braces on it was time for the pinewood derby for Treven. I love his smile in these pictures since his mouth is still trying to adjust to the braces and his face is a little swollen.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Easter Weekend and Tyler's 14th Birthday.

 We started off our Easter weekend with an Easter egg hunt out at Mapleton Park with Grandma Roses that Central Bank put on. Emery was sooo excited to have her picture taken with the Easter Bunny more than going on the Easter Egg hunt. Treven and Halle joined in the fun and mom also got to do an egg hunt for the adults. I ended up winning 15 dollars, YA WHOOO in the words of Emery. Treven is our little scavanger and also took a kid out to get to the eggs. Thanks Grandma Roses for taking us out there!

Friday night Tyler had a party for this 14th Birthday with some of his friends. They had a hot dog and smore's roast along with playing around outside and watching a movie, he even had girls over! Saturday was his real birthday so he woke up to having all the Strong cousins over for the yearly Easter egg hunt that Janette was doing since Niel and Carolee are gone on their mission. We had a crepe bar at our house and then it was off to the races for the Easter Egg hunt in Janettes Back yard! The kids had a blast and Janette did an awesome job. Grandma and Grandpa even face timed us from London to see the hunt and tell Tyler Happy Birthday. Everyone hung around for a while playing and talking and it was awesome weather. Tyler went golfing for his birthday since he got a golf pass for his birthday from Ryan and I. Then  he spent the night with us and Chase watching a movie.