Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween was upon us once again and kick off to the holdiay season was here! Emery asked every day since Oct. 1st when it was trick or treating time! She was very excted to show off her lady bug costume! The night before Halloween our young men and young women group put on a Halloween carnival for all the kids. It turned out great and the kids had a blast playing games and winning prizes/candy! Tyler got to help out and was Si from Duck Dynasty. Treven went as Steve from the Minecraft game, and Halle was a tiger. Dylan had been staying with us since his parents were out in England visiting Grandma and Grandpa so he joined us for Halloween and was the Creeper from Minecraft.

Finally it was Halloween and time for trick or treating to begin. I got to go down and help with Treven's Halloween party during the day. Then Ryan took over and went down to the kids Halloween parade at school while I was trying to get rid of a headache. Then after it was the 100 time Treven asked if he could go trick or treating we sent him and Dylan free with their friends. Halle and Emery were stuck trick or  treating with us. Ryan did disappoint the ward again this year with his Halloween costume but he did make me join in the fun. We went as Tarzan and Jane. Brad and Lezlee came down with their kids and went with us. The kids had a great time running around the neighborhood and coming home with lots, and lots, of candy. Holly and their kids joined in also a little later and Nan and Helen too. We had a big group of kids and it made the night more fun!

The next night Nov. 1 I took the kids down to Jakers pumpkin patch for the smash bash! They have all these free activities to smash pumpkins. The kids got to go up in a lift and drop their pumpkins. Then the boys ran off and smashed pumpkins with a sword, golf club, and baseball bat! Halle did the pumpkin bowl and Emery just ran around playing in the dried corn. While I was waiting in line for the face painting booth Treven ran up and showed me he had won the pumpkin dive and found the pumpkin with the work smash on it! He won some candy and movie tickets! He was very excited and made me keep the smash pumpkin. After waiting in line he kids finally got their faces painted and the lady did an awesome job! We had to leave so we could go up to Aunt Beckies halloween party.

We all love Aunt Beckie's halloween party! It was time for yummy soup, minute to win it games, talking, and celebrating Autumn's birthday. We all had fun and joined in for the games, then Halle got to have Autumn sleep over and that made her whole night!

Emery's Birthday weekend started with her getting to be celebrated at preschool. Mom got to go into her class and do a little presentation about Emery and hand out her favortie treat, Ring Pops! We read Fancy Nancy to her class and showed them her favorite things like: Her favorite TV show Jake and the Neverland Pirates, her favorite book Fancy Nancy, her favorite food pizza, and her favorite clothes, anything with tights!

Friday before her birthday we spent the day cleaning up the yard, or um tried to since the kids wanted to jump in the leaves and since we don't have any big trees they recriuted the neighborhood kids and everyone brought their leaves to our yard! The kids had a blast jumping in the leaves an then piling all of the leaves on the trampoline and jumping in them that way! I wish I had gotten some pictures of all the kids but I was busy cleaning!!!

Saturday was Emery's 4th Birthday! I am no longer in the baby stage of life! I can't believe my youngest is 4, but truly she is more like a 20 year old. She is our little rascel! She loves helping mom and drawing on everything. I have more walls an concert floors with her drawings than any other of my kids. She loves to make funny faces and can't get enough of eating ranch, ranch, and more ranch. I have watcher her dip her apples in ranch! Much to Grandma Roses dismay! She still gives the best kisses when your sad, and has turned into a fighter that can still make her 13 year old brother cry!

We started off her birthday with her 4 shaped pancakes! We usually let the birthday person have breakfast in bed, but with syrup and everything we thought it might be safer to have her breakfast at the table. Then we let her open her gift from the family and it was a new bike and helmet! She loves it. and Rode it all morning until she went outside and ran off the curb since she didn't know how to stop. So we had to do a little teaching about a thing called brakes.

Then is was time for her friend party. We had the Airtime Gymnastics bus come since all she told me was she wanted a trampoline party! We also had a ton of fun playing with all the balloons. The kids were great and helped me blow up 70 balloons for the kids to play with. Of course the games had to turn into who had the biggest belly!

Finally it was time for all her friends to arrive! We had 8 little 3 to 4 year olds running around screaming, doing gymnastics, eating chicken nuggets, playing hide and go seek, and a lot of balloon games and dancing! It turned out great since I was a little worried about me and that many little kids running around, but it all worked out and I hope they all had a great time since I know Emery loved it! She was spoiled by all of her friends and spent the next hours playing with all of her new toys! Then she took a quick nap before it was time for her family party!

Family came over for cake and ice cream and Emery got to be sung to for the third time today! She loved showing all her cousins her new bike and toys. Everyone was great and it was a fun day for Emery!

Two of the kids got a little partied out! Julie is the best back tickler.

I always love to list how many things I love about my kids on each Birthday with how old they are. Well there are so many things I love about my Emery but I will list 4:

1.  She has to be the most curious toddler I have had! And that is saying alot with Treven in our family. She is always asking about how things work and what things are.

2.  She has the funniest little personality and loves to make mom laugh! We read book before her nap and she loves to read them to me an try and make me laugh.

3.  Emery is my snuggler and will still let me hold her and rock her when she is tired. I know when i am feeling down or tired I can go and rock and snuggle with my little Emery.

4. Emery is very creative and is always coming up with new pictures or games. Her favorite game right now is playing preschool and she is the teacher Mrs. Beckie, like her teacher! She loves to come and find me and show me a new game or show me something new for us to play!

I am so grateful for her and she was our little one that completed our Strong family! Life has been crazy ever since but we love it! Treven needed a buddy that could keep up with him and we found her! She is Halle's little buddy, Treven's competition, and the one that Tyler spoiles the most.