Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Sports, Tyler's Super Bowl for Football and Halle's Basketball team......

October is the time for Football to end and Basketball to start for some. Tyler had his Super Bowl Game which they won! So for the 2 years Ryan and Steve coached these boys they went with no loses and 21 straight wins! It was awesome and of course they had to make the Super Bowl game a nail bitter! But is turned out great and I am so proud of Ryan and Tyler!

Halle begged me to play basketball this year which I had never thought she would love and it turns out she loves it! When it is game day she comes home from school and puts on her jersery 3 hours before we are supposed to be there! And to make it even better she is so fun to watch. She is the only girl that can leap down the court and still dribble the ball. Which this girl has some mad ball handling skills! She even made a basket on her first game.

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