Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas is HERE

December 23 was Janette's Strong family party. We had fun eating, talking, eating, talking, talent show, and more eating. Tyler did great as he played his guitar for everyone to sing Silent Night to. He also showed off his mad Taylor Swift skills! The kids loved getting their goody bags from Janette and had a fun time listening to Grandpa Strong tell his Christmas story.

Christmas Eve was finally here and boy did we stay busy today! Ryan worked in the morning and then we all took off to Sundance to see how Halle liked the mountain. We wanted to get Emery on some skis but she wouldn't cooperate and only wanted to play in the snow and then get hot choco. Halle had fun getting ski lessons from her dad while Treven and Tyler went up on the mountain. The lessons were going great until Ryan accidently ran over Halle when he was behind her filming and she had to fall right at that moment. Emery and I were in the lodge talking with our neighbors when they came to tell us what had happened. Halle as a brave girl but decided she was done once she got ran over. This worked out for me is away since Tyler wanted to go take a couple runs with his friend, so I went on a run with Treven. By the time we got home it was time to get cleaned up and have Grandma and Grandpa Averett over for some soup. We ate and then the kids got to open a Christmas Eve present of 2 Wii games. Grandma and Grandpa stayed for a bit to watch the kids show off their dance moves to Just Dance 4. When they left it was time to go up to Grandma and Grandpa Strong's so the kids could get their Christmas PJ's. We had fun hanging out with Ryan's family for a little while and then it was time to come home and the kids got their Christmas Slippers. This year our Santa brought slippers instead of PJ's and I think the kids were a little dissappoint so Santa may have to go back to what he has been doing for the last couple years. It was finally time for the kids to go to bed and let Santa do is magic.

Christmas morning had arrived! We had threatened the kids that no one was to get up until 7am. Tyler told us he was awake ad 5am but stayed in bed. However mom did get a call right at 7am from Tyler asking if they could come out, Tyler and Treven had slept up stairs so we could keep an eye on them. We woke the girls up read from Luke and waited for Janette to come over. The kids were so good and patiently waited until mom and Dad told them it was time to open presents. We went youngest to oldest. Emery loved opening her present and had more fun opening then looking at what she was getting. Emery did end up with a new Cinderlla dressup and accessories, a barbie, a babie horse and carriage, barbie art, and candy. Halle was next and got her a barbie and a barbie princess bedroom, a Merida doll, and a Merida bow and arrow. Treven was soo excited to get his new ipod along with an ipod player, a indoor soccer thing, and a itunes gift card. Tyler was the most excited this year! We hide is present that he was wanted all year. So he opened all his gifts like a ninja disk thrower and socks, (he had gotten his other Chrismas of a snowboard and boots earlier in the month so he could go snowboarding, and then he opened an iphone case with no iphone. Ryan was like oops Tyler that was supposed to be for Treven. Tyler did really good staying calm and not looking dissappoint, but then he heard something ringing in the Christmas Tree. Low and behold he pulled out a little wrapped presnet that contained his new ipone 4. Then it was time for mom and dad presents to the kids. They all got Disneyland ornaments and we told them that we are starting a new Christmas tradition of mom and dads gift is a trip somewhere and this year we will be going with Grandma and Grandpa Averett to Disneyland in Feb. Tyler  and Treven were excited and understood, but Emery just wanted more presents and mom had to keep telling Halle we weren't going to Disneyland tomorrow but in 2 months.  Treven was so cute this year and was trying so hard to be a good boy. Well Ryan found a picture of me when I was 9 and holy cow it was Treven as a girl! We that not only confirmed that he has a lot of Averett blood in him but so was his cleaning up all the wrapping paper before it hit the ground on Christmas that I knew he was all Averett. Like mother like son. My dad hates messes so on our Christmas mornings when I was younger you opened your present and then put the wrapping in the garpage sack. Well I am like my dad and so every year and I sitting their with my garbage sack ready to clean up. This year Treven beat me to it and without even asking Treven had grabbed and garbage sack and was the cleaner upper this year!

For the next couple hours we had fun playing with all our new toys, having Janette and Grandmpa and Grandpa Averett over for a little while and then around 11am it was time to go up to Grandma and Grandpa Strong's for our Christmas brunch. After Brunch it was time for all the tired kids to come home and hang out at home. It was a great Christmas. All the kids got new board games so we spent a lot of the time playing board games until it was time for mom to go to work. It has been such a busy and fun Christmas so far and I can't wait to see what fun times we will have over the rest of the kids Christmas break.

The next day after Christmas Ryan was sick and I had worked so we spent the morning all sleeping in and Tyler being an awesome babysitter so mom and dad could sleep the morning away! In the afternoon the kids were off playing with friends while mom cleaned up Christmas. I set up Christmas before Thanksgiving and when Christmas is over it is over for me so I spend the afternoon putting my Christmas stuff away. This year went so fast due to my kids being sweethearts and as they each came home from playing with friends they all chipped in.
When we were done cleaning it was night time so I took the younger kids to see Hotel Trannsylvania, which I loved and it even had Emery laughing out loud, while Ryan and Tyler went and saw the Hobbit. It turned out to be a great relaxing yet productive day!

Today Tyler got to take off with his cousins Jake and Easton went snowboarding all day. Treven got to have his cousin Dylan over to play and I took Halle up to her cousin Autumns house for her first sleepover. She was so excited. I promised Dylan and Treven I would take them sledding but Emery wasn't cooperating at the time so Emery and I watched the boys from the car. After about an hour they were done sledding and came home to go build a fort outside our house. Emery was finally ready to go and play in the snow and joined the boys for a little while. I can't wait for the next couple of days and wish the kids had a longer break, but all we can do is make the most of this week and have fun, fun, fun!