Sunday, March 31, 2013

March days and pre Spring Beak trip...

March days were busy with Tyler getting ready for his first baseball tournement of the year and Treven ending indoor soccer and starting outdoor soccer. Spring came and it was time to go down to St. George for a pre Spring break trip and to watch Tyler play ball with his new excellerated team the Springville Devils.

We left Weds night without Ryan who couldnt come down until Friday night so we would be ready to watch Tyler play on Thursday. The kids all were excited to get out of school early even though Spring Break starts next week for the kids. Tyler had two games each day and did really well. He played Center and Left field and had a really good hit during the game and walked. I feel bad I didn't get any pictures of the him at the Baseball games but I did get some pictures of the other kids swimming. Thursday and Friday went about the same with going to a ball game and then going swimming, then going back to the ball parks and watching another game and then coming back and swimming again. Grandma and Grandpa Averett also came down to watch Tyler play along with Steve, Easton, and Dylan who was helping coach and Easton was playing. It was great having Grandpa and Grandma there since they were staying in Mesquite so when Tyler had games there we had a place to go and swim inbetween games. The weather was perfect and it was so fun to just swim and play with the kids.

Friday night Ryan and Janette finally made it down to play with us. They got in late but we still had time for the adults and Allie to go and sit in the hot tub Friday night. Saturday Steve and the kids had to leave so we headed out as a family and went and did some hiking, out to lunch, and then back to the condo to do more swimming. Sunday was Easter and the Bunny did find the kids down in St. George. Our silly Bunny hide their baskets and left some clues but of course the kids outsmarted the bunny and found their baskets. After the hunt and watching an Easter video the we alll went swimming again befroe we cleaned up the condo and headed for home.

It was time again for Grandma Carolee's Easter egg hunt and we made it home just in time for the fun. This year Emery was the one scared of the Uncles spraying everyone with the silly string. She wouldnt hunt for eggs and cried everytime someone came near her with the sill String. Emery finally calmed down and dad had to help her hunt for eggs. Treven was having so much fun finding so many eggs that he ditched his easter basket and found a 5 gallon bucket for his loot! Thank you Grandma Carolee for another fun Easter Egg hunt since she will be on hiatus for 18 months.

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Monday, March 4, 2013


Feb. 25 through March 3rd we got to take the family along with Grandma and Grandpa Averett down to Disneyland. Since we were driving we spent the first night in St. George at the condo since we couldn't get out of town until after Ryan's work. Tues we spent most the day driving but by the time we got to our Hotel the kids were ready to get out and swim. And boy was the weather perfect. We had high 70's to 80's the whole time we were in Disneyland along with no rain or clouds. When we came back to Utah it was cloudy and raining and Treven asked if it was night even though it was only 2 in the afternoon we had gotten us to the bright sun and warm weather! So we unpacked and let the kids swim for a while and then got cleaned up and went to Downtown disney to look around. The shops were fun to look in and of course Halle found her some sparkly pink mouse ears, Emery found a beautiful princess PJ's and Tyler found himself a shirt about moustaches being lucky, he is hoping since he has some peach fuzz on his upper lip! Treven was waiting to spend money at the Lego store but he couldn't find the Lego he wanted but he did love all the Lego displays. Hallel loved her ears so much she even slept with them on.

Weds came and it was time for day one of Disney fun. We spent the first half of the day at Disneyland hitting all our favorites like Indian Jones, which Treven got to do for his first time and I think he had a love had thing with it. It scared him but he loved the ride! Emery found her new favorite ride which we ended up going on a couple of times for her, Pirates of the Carribean. At first she hated to dark tunnels but then she kept asking to go on the dark tunnel ride. We did scare her on the Haunted Mansion and it took a little bit to get her to go on a ride that was inside since she thought there would be more ghosts. Grandma and Grandpa took Emery on a train ride while we took the other kids on Nemo's ride and the Emery found another favorite ride, The carosal which she got to ride with Grandpa. The highlight of Emery's day was going to Minnie Mouses house and meeting Minnie! The best part was we were about to meet Minnie Mouse but it was a break time for her so Emery kept telling everyone that she had to leave because Minnie had to go potty's. But it was a short Potty break and Minnie was back and Emery got to give Minnie and hug and she got a kiss back from Minnie. Halle loved it too!

After getting in some more rides in Disneyland we went over to California Adventure to try and get on the Cars Land ride but of course after we stood in line for about 30 mins the ride broke down, so we left cars land and went to explore more of the park. But we did get to meet Tomater and Lightning Mcqueen.

Halle's favorite ride was the Tower of Terror and Halle couldn't wait to ride it again. Treven and found the California Screamer rollercoaster and along with Tyler they rode that thing plenty of times. Night time came and it was time to get our seats for the show the World of Color but first the kids needed to spend more money and get some light up toys for the show. Treven walked away with a light up sword, hat , and necklace. Emery got a hat from Grandpa but was having more meltdowns than fun with it since it didn't quite fit her head like she wanted it to. Grandma and Grandpa were doing a good job of spoiling the kids and they were loving every minute of it! They boys also earned some swords due to a bet with Ryan. All they had to do was keep their hands in the air the whole time on the Matterhorn and Ryan would buy them swords. Well they won the bet and more swords were coming home to the Strong household. It was Halle's first time on the Matterhorn, she didn't want to do it at first but then she walked away asking if we could do that ride again!

Thursday we started our day out at California Adventure and hit Toy Story Mania first after the boys did soarin over california. Emery loved Toy Story Mania and we even got Grandma Roses to go on the ride. Then of course it was back over to the rollar coaster for Treven and then came our longest wait next to Cars land, the Ferris Wheel. This was one of Tyler's favorite and since it moved so slow it was a long wait, but worth it. Emery loved it and of course we were in the swining ones and Ryan did his best to try and make it swing and I mean really swing.

While the kids and Ryan were in line again for the Cars ride Emery and I had a fun hour riding all the little kid rides in Bugsland and spending some time together!

The boys were done with rides so the went back to the hotel with Grandma and Grandpa to go swimming while Ryan, I and the girls went and meet Tinkerbell, rode Monster's Inc, and Peter Pan.

That night Grandpa and Tyler came back an met us to go on a couple more rides

Emery kept wanting to go in the Castle and so she kept knocking on all the castle doors to go in. We finally found the castle walk through with Auora's story and she was on happy girl to finally get to go inside the big Castle!

Friday we started to day out with our Breakfast with the Princesses and the girls loved every minute! Of the boys of course ate as fast as they could and took off to the rollarcoaster and some other rides.

Along our journey's we found a Minnie show and Emery loved seeing Minnie again! While Ryan and the kids went to do Indiana Jones again and Splash Mountain Emery and I went over to Mickey's house to do some exploring.

 We let the kids pick one more ride they each wanted to do before we called it a day to go swimming and then come back to the park for the firework show. Treven had been wanting to ride this pirate ship all day so we took the nice slow ride on the pirate ship around the bay. The kids had fun and we got to acutally sit for a minute. Tyler wanted to to Space Mountain so the boys went over and did that ride while the girls and I hung out.

We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and then went out to Bubby Gump Shrimp. Run Forest Run!

We ended our Disney fun watching the fireworks show and then going back over to Carsland and riding the Cars ride one more time. It was a great way to top off our fun trip and call it a night.

No better way to spend your 34th birthday than at the beach! On Saturday we went down to Huntington Beach and spent a couple hours playing at the beach and catching some sun. And boy did we catch sun. We all came home fried! Our friends the Harwards were also down there at the same time and we ended up meeting them at the beach. The girls and Treven had fun playing in the sand, finding seashells, and running away from the cold Pacific Ocean. Ryan and Tyler braved the cold waters and did some boogey boarding.

We ate some food at the beach and then drove 6 hours to St. George. We stayed the night at the condo and then it was time to say goodbye to vacation and hello to real life again. It was also another year older for mom and a great birthday spent relaxing in the sun with her family. Grandma and Grandpa had taken off early on sat and we missed having them at the beach, but we were so lucky that they came with us to Disneyland!