Sunday, February 10, 2013

pictures of Jan.

I finally downloaded by pictures, and there are not many, but atleast i can say I did take, some? Tyler had to do a project in Social Studies about and country were his ancestors were from. He chose to do Germany with is were Grandma Carolee's family is from. For his food to share mom made German Pancakes and he did recieve and A, way to go Tyler.  I took some pictures of Tyler playing basketball so there is documentation that he played and has done a really good job as point guard.

With is being so cold outside the girls and I had to be creative on how to spend our days. We have done a lot of cooking and trying new things to make. Halle wanted to make Chocolate covered banana's and we had more fun eating the extra chocolate then eating the chocolate covered banana's! Chips off the old block I would rather eat a tub of cookie down then sit down to a nice steak dinner!

There is one better way to spend a Satuday morning than cuddling up on the coach with dad! Later that day we also went bowling and out to dinner. We don't take the kids out to dinner very often and I got reminded of that again. We went and got some yummy hamburgers at JCW's and the kids all ended up taking two bites of their hamburgers and eating like 3 fries! So kids when you ask why we don't take you out to eat look back at this post and you will know why! We kept teasing Tyler that he mommy will always love him the most since he has started to find some girls and school should we say, cute. So mom had to remind him and give him a little smooch at the bowling alley.

Ryan's awesome basketball team. Treven has loved having Ryan coach him this year. Ryan has been coaching most of Tyler's teams this last year so Treven made him promise that he would coach Treven's basketball team. Treven loved having dad all to himself that Tyler was supposed to be Ryan's assistant coach but Treven kept Telling Tyler not to come to practices beacause he wanted it to be just him and dad! Lets just say Ryan walked a little taller that day when his boy just wanted him. My boys are growing up and no longer want to be with mom! So sad but fun to see them develop another type of relationship with their dad. Atleas my girls still like me and love to have mom all to themselves. Even though they are want more time with Ryan the boys still like mom to lay down by them and talk with them and night!

Halle has the best little group of girls that she hangs out with and life is never boring. We had two of them over the other day after a Ellie's birthday party and the girls had a great day playing pirates and showing off their "Booty" they got from the party! Halle also lost a tooth is month, oh wait not lost but more or less had a wiggley tooth that she wanted out so she had uncle brad get out his dentist tools and pull it out! This girl would have been a great pioneer since she has one of the highest pain tolerances I know. Ryan told me that she kept telling Brad one more pull when it wouldn't come out! That is determination! I have wimp and would have ran if someone wanted to pull my tooth out. You should see her at the dentist while Treven is screaming in the chair she is laying back watching a movie and chilling!

Emery has just kept my spirits up over these cold months will all her craziness! We went to my mom's house during the super bowl and all the kids were getting little bags of candy to take home, but little is not in Emery's vocabulary, she grabbed a gaint bag of carmel popcorn and told us she found her treat and started walking out the door! The bag was almost as big as her! Then when we were trying to get Tyler's See's candy fundraiser all sorted out Emery, with the help of her brother, was soon boxed up and ready to be shipped out of here! Emery has found coloring on the walls and furniture a favorite past time and locking the bathroom door so she can get into mom's makeup and come out all pretty. She will deny she was every in there even though she has on gobs of powder and lipstick! Emery can't wait to go to school and loves to put on a backpack and tell mom she is going to school and is off! I think out of all of us she is ready for warm weather. Mom has been out more than once in the cold chalking when the driveway isn't covered in snow and trying to ride her bike.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January Here and Gone....

Well my resolution to take more pictures just didn't turn out, I will have to post some later I believe I took a total of maybe 7 pictures, that is how our January went. You would think with the rush of the holiday season that January would be the down season but not this year. 2013 started with a bang and just kept on going. With mom working some more hours this month and between the boys they are both in two sports, Jan like and said was here and gone, but a good gone. We did waste any days! Between Treven and Tyler's basketball games, Tyler's baseball practices, and Trevens indoor soccer league we did find time to get some snowboarding in with the boys.

Tyler is still liking school and having a good time getting better and better at the guitar. Him and his friend Carter go and jam since Carter is learning the drums! Tyler is teaching us spanish, and having a great time getting lots of time up on the mountain this year!

Treven is kicking some butt as keeper in his indoor soccer league and getting pretty tough. On a penatly kick he took a hard kick to the head from the ball and deflected the ball away from the goal. In that game he didn't let one ball go past him! And of course that was the game I miss, but he did have his cousin Jaron up from Vernal cheering him on. The kids had a ball getting a full day of cousin time while Jackie and Megan were up at a Volleyball tournament.

Halle is loving gymnastics and can't wait to go all week. I swear that girl doesn't walk but either cartwheels or somersaults her way to where she needs to go! Halle is of course excelling at school and is already on an E reading level and loves to already write notes to mom. On such note was on a day that she got in trouble and wrote, "I Hate you MOM" and then a note on the door with "stay out i ment it!" Lucky my heart wasn't too broken when later on she told me that she loved me again!

Emery is doing gymnastic too and has loved, loved, loved it! I am glad she has something of her own since this poor little girls just gets dragged around from on event to the next! Emery also having fun learning her shapes, colors, and letters and if mom would get on the ball would already love to be in preschool!

Ryan had lasix surgery and is excited to finally be able to see, he is keeping busy with work, coaching Treven's basketball team, and helping with Tyler's Baseball team! He has been mister mom with me working more now and could right a book on how to keep kids quiet while your wife is sleeping! Sometimes I wake up and wonder if he has shipped them off to China or something.

January was so very cold that we didn't get to go sledding very much and the kids are already for Spring to come so bring on Feb, and lets see what fun she brings!