Monday, January 14, 2013

January Events

January 2013 started like all the others, Basketball season with baseball practices inbetween, sprinkled with some snowboarding! Well for the boys that is, the girls are busy with gymnastics. Ryan is coaching Treven's team and the finally, to Treven's excitement had their first game. Treven loves to play sports but has a hard time practicing and just wants to play in games. Treven did a good job and loved showing off his moves! Tyler also has started and has some good ball handling skills! Those early morning basketball practices have payed off! Tyler got asked to be on a new excellerated baseball team along with his dad to help coach so Ryan is busy helping with Tyler's team too!

I loved how Ryan told me early in our marriage that he didn't want to always be coaching our kids, and well know we have been married 14 years and since the boys have been old enough to play sports other when the years he was going to school and working Ryan has coached one way or another. Even before kids he was coaching football! I am proud of Ryan and the time he puts in with the kids and the kids love having him coach! Now I just have to keep him going until the girls and done with their sport years!

Tyler did a lot of snowboarding over Christmas and hasn't made it up the mountain again, but me and the kids have had some fun going sledding and enjoying the snow in other ways. Last Saturday Tyler had a indoor soccer game and got to play keeper or goalie. We have always told the coaches to not have Treven play that position since his endless energy is great for playing a forward, but he did an awesome job and keep his head in the game the whole time! He has loved playing indoor soccer this season.

Emery started gymnastics with her friend Swayer and loved every minute of it! She couldn't wait to go back. That is if her back is feeling better! I have been working a lot  the last couple of weeks and you know your child is spending to much time with Grandma Roses when she comes home and tells me, "I can't carry the art box mommy oh my back hurts" and then is looking for a rice pack. That is soo my mom since she does have back problems and a rice pack and Grandma Roses go hand in hand! Emery also likes everyone to know that if you eating something she likes then she will tell you, "We are supposed to share everything you know" and then will go right ahead and take your food or drink. The only problem is if you try that on on her and then sharing isn't an option! She is truly a ham and we love it!

Halle is doing so good in school and is already reading at a D level. She loves to read and will pick out big books and look through them finding words she knows. Halle is another ball of energy like her brother and loves gymnastics and is always doing cart wheels and sommersalts to get around the house!

Treven is doing so well with his tutor and his reading is improving along with his math skills! We are so proud of him and all the hard work he puts in with his school work! Treven is also starting to learn the piano and has enjoyed learning from his Grandma Carolee and we appreicate her sharing her talent with our family!

Tyler starts his 3rd term and had another term of straight A's. He is excited to start Spanish and Art this term. Tyler is keeping busy with baseball, basketball and guitar lessons. He has an amazing ear and loves to pull a song he wants to learn on you tube and after watching and listening a couple of times he is playing the song!

I always start the year off with resolutions. Last year was "Thy will be done" and boy did Heavenly Father make sure I learned this lesson. His will be done and if I want to be on the right track then I better lesson to his will.

This year my motto is going to be "Come what may and love it!" Oh and take more pictures! I haven't taken any pictures in Jan.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some of our Favorite things

At the end of last year I asked the family some questions about their favorite things during the year and decided to ask again this year to see what their 2012 favorite things were:

Favorite Movie:  Here Comes the Boom

Favorite Food:  Crepes

Favorite Book:  The hobbit and Pendragon

Favorite Hobbie:  Guitar

Favorite Trip we Took:  Bear Lake with the Averett Cousins

Favorite Thing about Christmas:  Getting his Iphone

Favorite Book Of Mormon person:  Helaman

Hero this Year:  His cousin Jay

Favorite Thing Learned in School:  Dancing, or getting to go to a dance

Favorite Movie:  Avengers

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Favorite Book:  Lego

Favorite Hobbie:  Playing with Friends

Favorite Trip we Took:  Bear Lake

Favorite Thing About Christmas:  Presents

Favorite Book of Mormon person:  Samuel the Laminite

Hero this Year:  Thor

Favorite Thing Learned in School:  Art

Favorite Movie:  Wreck it Ralph

Favorite Food:  Corn

Favorite Book:  Fancy Nancy

Favorite Hobbie:  Staying and playing with my family

Favorite Trip we Took: To Idaho over Thanksgiving to see the Averett Cousins

Favorite Thing about Christmas:  Getting a Merida bow and arrow and doll

Favorite Book of Mormon person:  Jesus

Hero this Year:  Kamery my friend

Favorite Thing Learned in School:  How to read

Favorite Movie:  Minnie Mouse

Favorite Food:  Mac and Cheese

Favorite Book:  Thomas the Tank Engine

Favorite Hobbie:  Drawing and playing with Grandpa

Favorite Trip we Took:  With Kenadi, I am assuming she meant going up to Idaho for Thanksgiving

Favorite thing about Christmas:  Minnie Mouse Kitchen

Favorite Book of Mormon person:  Jesus

Hero this Year:  Me!

Favorite thing learned this year:  Counting, colors, and shapes. She is a smarty pants and knowing how to keep mom and dad wrapped around her 3 year old finger!

New Years Eve

This New Years Eve was all about helping Halle meet her New Years goal, to see the ball drop at midnight. So mom came up with some ideas to help keep the kids busy until midnight. We started at noon and had yellow balloons filled with ideas for us to do. So the kids would pop a balloon and then we would go and do the activity and then pop another one. We started our fun filled New Years with the first activity, sledding.

Tyler was up snowboarding with his friend during the day so Treven, Halle, Emery and I took of to go sledding at the Evergreen park. Well I shouldn't say Emery went sledding, Emery went down one time and then was too cold and spent the rest of the time sitting in the car playing the ipad. Treven of course made some new friends and had fun sledding with them while mom and Halle had fun sledding together. After sledding the next balloon had us going down to the Nickle Arcade with Nan and Helen. The kids had fun playing games and earning enough tickets to come home with a new sword, tatoos, a fan, and Emery's much needed candy! The next balloon was going home and making our own pizza's or the way mom does it buy some papa Murphy's make your own mini pizza's.  After dinner we popped a balloon and played a game of Uno until my friend Katie and her kids came over to visit for awhile. While we played with Katie and let off some fireworks and watched Halle and Elli play Just Dance Tyler and his friend Kyle went with Ryan to the movies to see Here Comes The Boom. After Katie left the kids popped another balloon and we did a craft and made our own noise makers for midnight.

When Ryan and Tyler got home we left and went up to Lezlee and Brads to play games with them and Holly and Brad while the kids got to play with Luke and Cole. Tyler and Kyle stayed at our house and rung in the New Year playing the will and then running up and down the street screaming, "We made it!" Here we come 2013

let is snow, let it snow, let it snow!

With all the snow over Christmas, the rest of Christmas break was pretty much spent either snowboarding in it like Tyler, while Treven, Halle and Emery had fun either playing round the yard in it or sledding down a hill or behind the four wheeler! We also had Cole and Luke come over and enjoy in the fun!