Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tyler's casts comes off, Valentine's Day, and end of Basketball season…..

The time finally came for Tyler's cast to come off and he was excited. The only time he wasn't was when the doctor pulled out the little "saw" to take the cast off and you could see some worry in Tyler's eyes! But it all went well and Tyler has been doing his exercises faithfully so he can get back into sports and his teachers are excited his handwritting will improve!

Oh Valentine's day the day of love, appreication, and my husband doing everything I ask, even if it means pulling out Nacho Libre! Erika Wilde in our ward does the best valentine pranks and this year a bunch of women on my street along with me got the special "valentines". Well we wanted to thank Erika so we made a Valentine from Nacho Libre and Ryan even got dressed up to deliver it to her, but when we got to her house she was gone for the weekend. Well you can't let a good costume and valentine go to waste so us and the Schumtz's had fun visiting a couple of people. Nancy Klauck was the last on our list and got the special valentine's to keep! Along with a pick me up from Nacho! Every year I have the valentine swimsuit tradition for our kids, but this year I couldn't find any swimsuits out yet so I had to get change the plans and the kids and Ryan got new shirts and some candy!

President's day weekend we stayed home since mom had to work Valentine's night. On Saturday Ryan took the boys up snowboarding while I got to go to Yoga and Brunch for Lezlee's birthday. After I met him and the girls up at the mall and we got lunch together, played at the Treehouse/Dinosaur at the mall, then took the girls down to Trafalga to play some games while we waited for the boys to call us for a ride home off the mountain. Jackie and the kids came into town Saturday night to Monday so the kids had fun playing with the Colton cousins. Tyson and Tyler went skiing on Monday while the other kids went to trafalga and played at Grandma Averett's house.

Ryan did another awesome job coaching Treven's basketball team. Treven had a blast playing this year and did really well. I should not have told him I would pay him a dollar a basket, he got away with some cash o la this year. Tyler's team did awesome and took first. Uncle Steve was the coach and Tyler got to play with Easton. Even with a broken arm Tyler to an awesome job getting the rebounds and helping get points on the board.

Halle has kept busy with Ballet this month while poor Emery ended her swim lesson in January and mom has been to lazy to get her signed up for an activity. Halle and Emery have been good little cheerleaders for the boys during basketball season. Now it is on to Baseball Season here soon!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Feb. is here…..

Feb 6th was a great day for the Strong side, Ashley was coming home after her 18 month mission to New York. We  took the kids out of school to go up to the airport to welcome her home. It was so fun to she Ashely! After her airport welcoming we all went out to eat to the Olive Garden.

Friday Feb 7th was our date night with our friends that brought out our Charlie's Angels side. We went target shooting down at Range Masters with the Livingstons and the Johns. It was a fun night of shooting handguns and then going out to eat at Magleby's with our good friends and fun conversation.

Marla did it again and got her free ski passes so this time we took Treven and Cole out of school to go skiing with their mom's. It was another fun day of skiing up at Sundance and enjoying the mild weather and slick snow. Thanks to Marla I have gotten in more skiing this year that in the last couple of years!

Tonight while doing Treven's reading assignment it lead to us doing a little experiement to help Treven learn about molecules. Anything hands on helps Treven learn so much better.

January Events

Bring on the Snow!!! Lezlee and I decided to let Luke and Halle sluff school and go skiing with their moms! It was a fun day of putting the kids in lessons during the morning so Lezlee and I could get a little us time skiing and then we spent the afternoon having lunch and skiing with the kids. Halle was a little snowbunny and loved skiing! Which of course made mom very happy since that meant more snowboarding for mom.

Treven and his friend Zac took a Saturday afternoon and went up to Hobble Creek Canyon to do a little tubing.

Emery took swim lessons during the month of January and she loved them. Every week she new our swim day schedule. "Ok Mommy I go to preschool, then eat lunch, then take my nap, and then I get to go to swim lessons?" It was fun to see Emery enjoy swimming so much and boy she was a natural! And mad did she have a lot of energy! It reminded of of watching Treven when he took swim lessons that young. The teacher had to keep pulling Emery back since she was either jumping up and down and not watching or trying to swim away!

Since Emery goes to preschool after the kids leave for school she loves to have her time watching her favorite shows and holding skip in a death grip so he doesn't leave her!

January's scouting pack meeting was about magic and Treven did an awesome magic trick. He came up with this all on his own and did a great job.

The third weekend in Jan we took off to St. George for the weekend of just getting away from the freezing cold and to enjoy some family time. We got down their Friday night and while Ryan and Tyler went to the movies the kids and I had fun watching a movie at the condo and having Emery entertain us with her amazing gymnastics moves!

Saturday we had fun taking the kids to play Tennis which was a first for some of them. After Tennis we went to lunch and then had an adventure with Emery and her getting ear infections that had her screaming in the car and us trying to find a clinic that took our insurance. Finally after seeing the doctor and getting her some good old pain meds and an antibiotic she was flying high and feeling better. Since Emery couldn't go swimming with her ears Emery, Tyler (he also couldn't go because of his cast), and I stayed back at the condon while Ryan, Treven, Halle, and Janette went to the indoor pool at the Washington rec center.

When everyone was back together we took off to Fiesta Fun to let the Ryan and Tyler go race in the go carts (Emery got to ride with Ryan) while Treven, Halle and I got some serious coinage to win big on the arcade games. We had a fun time winning lots of tickets and coming home with a lot of crap, um I mean new toys to love having! After that we went and got an ice cream and came back to watch a movie together. Sunday we all slept in and took our time getting the condo clean and finally making our way back home to the cold weather. It was a great little get away for our family.

Our neighbor Marla has the in with some free ski passes and invited Halle and I to go skiing with her and he daughter Kamery. We had a fun time letting the girls skip school and go skiing for the day. Halle did awesome for her second time and we had a blast hitting the slopes instead of work and school! Thank you Marla!

Tyler has been a growing boy this year and has a little bit of a mustache that he can't decide if he should  start shaving off or not. Well Ryan tried to take care of that unwanted hair on his lip, alas it didn't work and Tyler is still deciding.