Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pumpkin carving and Halloween night.....

The kids have caught on to have much fun you can have carving pumpkins and so our painting the pumpkin days are over.

A couple days after turing 5 Emery lost her first tooth! She was so excited to have the tooth fairy come and since she was a fan the fairy left her two dollars instead of just one! Lucky girl!

Our Young men and Young women have started a new Halloween tradition in our ward and host a Halloween party for the kids in the ward. Along with hot dogs and chips the kids get to play games and win prizes and candy!

During the week of halloween it was Red Ribbon week also so the kids got to have crazy sock day, inside out day and our favorite crazy hair day!

Halloween finally came and everyone got in the spirit. Tyler went as a 50's greaser, Treven kept changing his mind. He started the day as a cheerleader, changed to his Dr. Pepper ninja for the school parade and then went as slender man for trick or treating with friends. Halle was still a fairy and I got Emery to be a witch again, but she only did it if mom would be a witch with her. Ryan kept this years costume low key and was clothed. He was Bob Ross.

Beckies Halloween party, Tylers football, and Emery turns 5!

Every year Aunt Beckie has her yearly Strong Halloween party and it is always a blast. This year we had a witch, a fairy, and a Dr. Pepper ninja! (Treven made this up all on his own! What you can do with empty Dr. Pepper cans and duct tape.) We also celebrated Emery and Autumn's birthdays and we had a flaming cake this year! I made a ghost cake that with the help of our neighbor Shari, it had flaming eyes! We all had fun playing minute to win it games, talking, eating soup, talking, playing, and just having fun with our family.

The freshman football team made it to the championship game playing against Salem. It was a good game but unfortunately Springville couldn't pull off the win. Even with Tyler's broken arm, he still got to play the last 3 games of the season.

My baby's 5! It truly does go by so fast. My little baby turned 5 on Oct. 27th and all month she couldn't wait to be 5 and all I wanted was for her to be a baby again. Emery got to be sung to at Grandma and Grandpa Averetts the day before her birthday so Rachel could join us.  Grandma and Grandpa got her a Fur Real Puppy and Emery was so excited to have her own puppy that she could walk and not have it pull her around like skip does.

Monday morning was Emery's birthday. She woke up to our famous singing and mini pancakes for breakfast in bed. Emery got a new doll from mom and dad along with some clothes. Emery got to spend her birthday taking treats to her preschool class and then coming home and having her friend halloween themed party! It was a blast having all her friends come in their halloween costumes, which at the last minute Emery changed her mind from a witch to a princess, playing halloween games like boo bowling, balloon dancing, eating mummy hot dogs, and opening presents! It was quite the day for our new 5 year old.

I couldn't imagine our family without Emery. She has blessed us all with her sweet spirit from singing primary songs, to making sure she gives you a kiss before leaving for work or school, to being Halle's little shadow. I love when she lays down for a nap with me and lets me know who much she loves me or asks me question after questions about things like how do you make a cocoon.