Sunday, November 25, 2012

November days

November was filled with date nights, a snow day, decorating the Christmas Tree a week before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving up in Idaho with the Averett cousins, and days filled with school, work, and family fun! This year we got BYU football season tickets. Ryan and Tyler had a great time going to the games together and enjoying watchings some football instead of coaching and playing it. Treven got a little jealous about not being able to go so he got a guys night out with dad and Uncle Steve and Dylan to a BYU basketball game. He had a fun time and came home with a new BYU hat. Since Treven and Tyler were getting dad time mom and Halle had a girls night out with some friends out to eat and then off to get a pedicure. It was a blast hanging out with Helen, Nan, Liz, and Ellie. The girls even got to ride a merry go round!

Since Emery was the only one left and being 3 she really didn't care, Emery got to spend many a nights sleeping with mom and dad since about 4am every night she found her way into our room and so that was counted as her mommy/daddy date! Ryan and I were lucky to go on our own special date this month to the temple and do sealings for some family names along with his parents and sisters.

I swear once that snow was on the ground and sticking I didn't see my kids all weekned long. Halle and Emery would come in looking like little cute popsicles with smile on their faces. We even found time to go sledding up by our house.

Our cute little niece Elsie had her first birthday day and the kids  loved getting to go and celebrate her day with her playing games with the cousins, cracking open a pinata, and coming home with lots and lots of candy!

It was our year to spend Thanksgiving up at in Idaho with the Averett cousins. After a long 11 hour drive up (which the kids did great both ways and earn major kudos from the parents) the kids were ready to play and play some more along with a little turkey fun on the side. We made it up to Idaho the day before Thanksgiving which meant a lot of playing around the house and waiting for the Colton cousins and Grandma and Grandpa to make it. And when the did the kids went even more crazy and spend the day just enjoying being together. The kids played the adults talked and played games, while Ryan and Ryan took off during the evening to watch a movie. Next day was Thanksgiving and boy did we eat. While the boys went shooting clay pigeons the women stayed back and made sure the feast was prepared. Finally the Turkey was done and the tables set and along with Kim's brothers and mom we ate and ate and ate some more. After the eating was done we all took off to the movies while some went to Lincoln, others to Wreck it Ralph and my brother and I along with Treven and Andrew went to The Rise of the Guardians. After the movies it was time for more game playing and the gift exchange for the cousins. Since the Averett clan wouldn't be joining us for Christmas this year we had the kids exchange gifts. Tyler got headphones, Treven got legos, Halle got a cake pop maker, and Emery got a princess playdough kit. Later that night Kim and I took off from some Black Thursday shopping. We didn't find much and you can tell how gung ho we are that when we went to Target and did find some things, but due to the check out line being about an hour wait we dropped our stuff, went home and shopped online!

The next day the boys played some basketball int he morning and then we went over to Kellogg to an indoor water park for Rachels Birthday and had a blast swimming, watching the older kids do the flow rider all day, and the little kids playing wipe out on the lily pads. Ryan and I had fun keeping Emery entertained and spent a lot of our time in the kiddie pool or going down the family raft ride. Back to the house for more playing games and fun. Josh had put together a  Turkey Derby with this pinewook Derby Track and the boys had fun racing their cars. The best car was Matthew and Tylers car that wouldn't run unless it was loaded down with butter knifes! Treven was the Turkey Derby winner and got to wear the Turkey Hat! After the Turkey Derby was the doughnut dangle and we got to see everyones mad eating skills without hands! Every night we were up along with the kids until 1am our time! It was crazyniess but a good kind of crazy. Saturday was the time to wind down clean up and watch the girls play before we left. Rachel helped the girls put on a play called, Home is where the heart is, and they all did a great job. After that is was time to head home and enjoy another 11 hour drive home. We made it home at 1am and were happy to be home but sad to say goodbye to the cousins. Thank you Ryan and Kim for a great Thanksgiving Week

Nothing like a Thanksgiving nap while watching football.