Monday, July 30, 2012

The girls S,S,S weekend....... St. George, Shopping, and Swimming!

While the boys were away eating ramen noodles and working up a sweat backpacking into their camp, the wives all took off for St. George to do some swimming, shopping, to see Aladin down at the Tuchan, and a lot of snacking! We went down on Friday that the boys all left at 4am, so all the women had been up for a while getting their men off before it was time for us to leave. Marla, Liz, and I left first, then Stephanie and Diane made it down a couple hours after us. Friday night was off to see Aladin. I stayed back with Emery and Oakley and we had fun having a little PJ party and watching Trazan on TV. They got back late from the show but all the girls had a blast and Halle kept telling me her favorite part was whenever the Geenie came out. Saturday we spent the first half swimming at the pool and then shopping, and boy did we shop! We met our Friend Jessica at Brick Oven for dinner and then went back to the condo. The little girls all had a blast getting to have a giant sleepover and they just didn't want to sleep so they had yet another late night while the mom's had a really late night since Stephanie, Diane and Jessica went out for some late night shopping at Walmart. By the time they came back and we stopped talking it was 4am! Lucky for me I feel asleep somewhere around 3am. Sunday was another day of swimming and a little bit more of shopping. Marla and Diane had to get home and the rest of us stayed from one more night. We played games and talked again until 1 or 2 am. Mondy came to fast and it was time to go home. It was a great weekend and the we all had a blast. Halle loved having a gaint sleepover with all of her friends, and Emery can't stop talking about Oakley and how much fun they had playing Choo Choos and shopping!

Emery got into my lipstick and told me "look mommy pretty"

The crew at Brick Oven

Boys Weekend to Escalante

Over the Weekend of July 20th the boys took off with the nieghborhood dads and boys for a fun weekend in Esclante. The Kids (including dads in this word) had a blast backpacking in and playing around for 3 days. They even got the excitement of watching a waterfall come down into their camp due to some rain showers. This was Treven's first year going and all he told me about was sleeping with the spiders, playing in the water, and catching a frog. Tyler had fun hanging out with all this buddies and swimming. There was a crew of about 22 people that included the Strong family, Clements family, Johnson Family, Kyle, Omen family, Call family, and the Grover family.

Treven's first battle wound from the hike in.

July Fun with the colton's

After getting home from our Averett Family Bear Lake trip we got to spend even more time with the Colton Clan! That very next week Kenadi and Megan had a baseball tournement up in Salt Lake area so we spend some time playing at Grandma's and going up to the living aquarium to see the peguins which Emery loved! Then the next week Tyson had a baseball tournement up in Salt Lake and so for the next couple days we got to spend more time playing at Grandma's house, going to the park, and watching Tyson's team wim the State Championship. The week went by fast but it was soo nice to have my sister and the kids up.

Emery and Halle got a little hot playing at the park, so while the rest of the kids walked over to the libary these too played in the ditch and had a ball! It reminded me of when I was little and we didn't go to Seven Peaks everyday because we would find the ditches down by the Jr. High and spend the day laying down and riding the water down the street!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July vacation with the Averett Cousins

What a way to start off our 2nd month of summer vacation then the Averett side family trip to Bear Lake. We left on July 4th and meet the Colton's, Averett's, and Grandma and Grandpa Averett at the house we rented. As soon as we dropped off our stuff it was off to the lake for some time on the lake in Uncle Trent's boat and for the next 4 days that is were you could find us. The kids had a blast tubing, wakeboarding, surfing, kneeboarding, and swimming in the bluest water in Utah. Thursday we only got to boat for a little while until the rain came, so we spent most of the afternoon playing games while the kids played the every popular "oprhan game" that Rachel has made up for them. The rain fianlly stopped so Jackie and I went for  walk only to come across a place to rent this cool four seater bikes for the kids to ride around in. Well the kids had a blast for an hour racing each other down the street, but the best part for them was when the adults raced the kids and the kids won. Man that made us all feel a little old at that moment. After taking the bikes back we ran over to go and race go carts. The kids LOVED it and kept asking to go back!

Friday Jackie and I took Halle, Jaron, Treven, and Emery to a beach while the rest of the kids and adults went off to the lake. The little kids had a blast making mud castles,  burying themselves in the mud and then playing ball in the water. Emery found a ball and kept making Grandma and Grandpa come out into the shallow water to play catch with her. After a couple of hours the boating crew came to the beach and dropped off Tyler and Matthew and took out Jaron, Treven, and Halle to go and do some more tubing.

Saturday we became the best parents ever when we rented out the go cart place for an hour. The kids and adults alike had a blast racing each other. We even got Grandma Roses to go out in a go cart with Josh. Lets just say that she didn't go back out there. After the go carting and lunch we went back out to the lake for one more round of surfing, tubing and kneeboarding. The kids were finally a little worn out but we all mustered a little bit more energy to walk down to get the Bear Lake Famous shakes!

Ryan, Ryan and Trent even got some golfing in during the early morning hours while the mom's and kids slept. Every but Grandma and Grandpa went out on the boat and Emery even got out and did some tubing with mom. It was a fabulous trip and we can't wait to get together again for Thanksgiving at the Averett's house. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for taking us all!