Monday, July 30, 2012

The girls S,S,S weekend....... St. George, Shopping, and Swimming!

While the boys were away eating ramen noodles and working up a sweat backpacking into their camp, the wives all took off for St. George to do some swimming, shopping, to see Aladin down at the Tuchan, and a lot of snacking! We went down on Friday that the boys all left at 4am, so all the women had been up for a while getting their men off before it was time for us to leave. Marla, Liz, and I left first, then Stephanie and Diane made it down a couple hours after us. Friday night was off to see Aladin. I stayed back with Emery and Oakley and we had fun having a little PJ party and watching Trazan on TV. They got back late from the show but all the girls had a blast and Halle kept telling me her favorite part was whenever the Geenie came out. Saturday we spent the first half swimming at the pool and then shopping, and boy did we shop! We met our Friend Jessica at Brick Oven for dinner and then went back to the condo. The little girls all had a blast getting to have a giant sleepover and they just didn't want to sleep so they had yet another late night while the mom's had a really late night since Stephanie, Diane and Jessica went out for some late night shopping at Walmart. By the time they came back and we stopped talking it was 4am! Lucky for me I feel asleep somewhere around 3am. Sunday was another day of swimming and a little bit more of shopping. Marla and Diane had to get home and the rest of us stayed from one more night. We played games and talked again until 1 or 2 am. Mondy came to fast and it was time to go home. It was a great weekend and the we all had a blast. Halle loved having a gaint sleepover with all of her friends, and Emery can't stop talking about Oakley and how much fun they had playing Choo Choos and shopping!

Emery got into my lipstick and told me "look mommy pretty"

The crew at Brick Oven

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The Grover Gang said...

This was such a fun weekend! Thanks for inviting us and hosting such a wonderful weekend! Next time we will ditch the kiddos and just do a mommy get away! Think of all the damage we could do on the credit card! LoL! Thanks for the fun trip!