Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Break

Our kids had a nice long Spring Break with Tylers Easter Tournment down in St. George. We spent the first two days watching Tyler and the Freshmand Team play baseball. We got to spend time watching Baseball, swimming, and just hanging out with the Lancasters and Carolee. Sunday brought Easter and watching Conference. The Lancasters and Carolee left sunday night to go back home. Tyler stayed until Monday with us and then he had to go back home with the Gages for his baseball game. That left Ryan, and I with the kids and Dylan to finish out our Spring Break hiking, swimming, and going to feista fun. We had a fun time spending the day at Fiesta fun doing Mini golf, were everyone got a hole in One and made a little money off of my MoM by whoever won the hole got a quarter! Weds day we came home and spent the rest of Spring Break playing with friends, movies, and spending some time together, along with getting more of Tylers baseball games in!

March and Ryan Turns 40!!!!

For Ryans 40th Birthday all he wanted to do was go down to St. george with his good friend Jeff who was also turning 40 this month. Oh, and the wives could come! So the boys went down a littl early to golf and basically lounge around watching movies and then Marthea and I joinded them for the weekend. We had  fun time going out to eat, running out to Mesquite one night for the glorious casino   buffet, oh and Ryan winning $500 off the Wheel of Foutune game! Then we ran down to Las Vegas to eat at this amazing restuarant called the Hash House where the food was huge and it was good! We got some shopping in, walked the strip and then went and hunted down where the sister wives live. It is Marthea and I's favorite show. Of course they lived in a gated community but that didn't stop us from taking pictures of the back of the house and Ryan yelling out for Cody to come out! We also visited the Pawn Stars pawn shop, which it was really small and not as impressive as on TV. It was a really fun weekend get a way for they boys 40th. Finally March 10th came and we celebrated his birthday with the kids and family. Everyone came over friends and family for cake and ice cream and I had everyone send me some memories so I could print up 40 memories for his 40 years! It was great and everyone gave some great memories of Ryan! Ryan even go serenaded by Erica Wilde all dressed up and big foot!

The rest of March brought watching Treven play Lacrosse which on his first game he got the first goal and we missed it! St. Patricks day came and went with our silly lephecan coloring out milk and leaving the kids cholcolate coins! I also got to go on Trevens field trip up to the Museum of Natural History. I am not the best chaperon and we only got in trouble once for the boys jumping around. Whoops! Our annual painting of the Easter eggs FHE was a little different this year. We used paint and dye and Tyler was pullling attititude so he was just to big to help out this year! The joys of being in Teenage years. But the other kids had fun and we dyed a lot of eggs along with the table and our hands. I had a purple thumb for a week. March brought us into full swing with freshman baseball and have been having fun watching Tyler play ball. He earned the starting posiition for Right Field and had has been hitting really well for the team. Carolee had her annual Easter Egg hunt and the kids had a blast! The littler kids got to do the hunt, while the older kids had a silly string fight! It is never a dull moment with Grandma Carolee!