Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ceour d'alene trip with the Averett side

We got home Sunday and then left again weds July 3 for our next trip with the Averett side up to Coeur D'Alene Idaho up to Ryan and Kims house. We drove through the night and made it in the morning of the 4th of July. While Ryan and Tyler went golfing with Ryan A. the rest of our family went with Aunt Kim, Josh and Andrew to watch Rachel in the 4th of July parade to promote a play she will be in. It was a great parade and the kids loved it until we all started feeling like we were melting and left a little early. Treven was a little dissapointed that they didn't throw candy, but atleast we got to see the Blazin Divas and the best band ever! They had an old man in a toga and Captain America! Idaho knows how to PARTY! After the parade we meet the Colton Family down at Lake Coeru D'Alene and had fun  playing at the beach and getting some tubing in with the kids. We had dinner on the beach and then loaded up on Uncle Trent's boat to go and watch the fireworks out on the lake. It was the coolest thing! Not only were the fireworks fantastic but the sound coming off the mountain from the fireworks were so loud it was incredible!

Friday we spent the day out on the beach and boat having a good time wakeboarding, tubing, and surfing. After some ice cream we went back and boated some more before heading out to the movies. It was a great day being with all my family.

Saturday was Josh's baptism day so we finished up boating and got to see Matthew play some baseball and then it was time for the baptism.  It was a great baptism and Kim gave a wonderful talk while Ryan shared a very touching story about his confirmation of the Holy Ghost. After the baptism we had a BBQ and then it was time to drive back home through the night. The kids did really good, and we can't wait to see the Averetts at the end of July when they come for a week and then we get to go hang out in Vernal with the Coltons for Jaron's baptism. It was a great weekend of boating, talking, laughing, hanging out, and being a family!

Lake Powell Trip with the Strong Side

Time again for our annual Strong Family Summer trip. Last year were went up to Island Park and this year the Beisinger family was in charge and it was back to Lake Powell! YES! But we did do the other end this year in Page AZ, and boy was it hot, 110 degrees, but it was such a fun and awesome trip. Will  and Julie to a fabulous job getting this trip oraganized. Will did say it was easier moving 15 million dollars in equipment and 100 soliders over to Twian when he was commanding than plan this family trip!

We left Weds morning June 26th and started our journey with the Beisinger family and the Lambert family for our 7 1/2 hour drive down, with multiple stops and of course lunch to try a world famous buffalo burger it did take us longer than usual. But we made it and set up camp at Lone Rock Beach. After setting up camp, getting settled in our hotel room we went back to the beach and spent the rest of the day playing in the water and on the boats, enjoying a great dutch oven dinner made by Will and then it was star gazing time and let me tell you the stars out there in Lake Powell are amazing!

Thursday was a day at Lone Rock Beach again and we stayed from 9am to almost 9pm and had a blast again playing in the water, on the boats, and in the sand. Emery was a true water dog and i don't  think she was out of the water more than 30 minutes that day! She had a chin rubbed raw from her swim suit to prove it! We did start the day out right with Jill doing a yoga class before going to the beach and it was so fun and relaxing to be doing yoga outside on a deck with an awesome view of Lake Powell!

Friday we took a break from the beach and went down into the slot canyons in Antelope canyon that you have to be guided in by the navjo Indians after another greatYoga morning. It was amazing and one of the most beautiful slot canyons I have ever since. It was a great family adventure taking all 30 of us into the canyon!

After the slot canyon it was back to the beach for more fun in the sun and a sand castle buiding contest between families. Our family family built the glen Canyon Dam, the Beisingers built a castle, Lancaster build an Ode to the Diet Coke Can, the Lambers build a castle, and the Larsen built a start fish. Then all the kids came together to turn uncle will and ryan into mermaids or I should say mermen. That night the adults went out to eat at the Dam Bar and Grill while the kids were all relaxing in their rooms.

Saturday before everyone had to leave we spent time at the beach and then our little family stayed the night sleeping out on Steve's boat at Warm Creek Bay. We had a blast just wakeboarding and tubing and then swimming and playing just our family. The kids did great sleeping out and we had fun playing cards and the playing a question game were we asked any questions we wanted to. Sunday morning we  woke up ate breakfast and got the boat off the water and started our journey home. It was a great family vacation!