Sunday, June 15, 2014

June Excitement

This year our summer will be different in that we aren't taking any big trips with either of our families this year since the Strong side we decided to not do a trip so everyone could use their money for London. While the Averett side is going to go on our family trip over Thanksgiving. So for a little June get away with the kids we went down with our friends the Jackson's to the St. George condo for the weekend. It was such a fun and relaxing weekend with friends and the kids and adults had a blast! We drove down Thursday night and got settled. Friday we woke up and the kids were ready to to swimming. So we spent from about 10am to 12 swimming, then Ryan and Jeff took the older boys to go to a movie while Marthea and I stayed back with the younger kids and let them swim for another 2 hours. Finally our little fishes came out of the water to go and get some lunch and a little break from the sun in the condo. By the time the boys were back from the movie the kids wanted to go back out to the pool for a little bit more swimming. We swam until dinner time and then got cleaned up and took the kids out to Brick Oven. Then came back and while Jeff and Ryan took off for a man date to the movies, Marthea and I played games with Jake and Tyler. Marthea taught us a really fun game and we played Cover Your assets all weekend!

Saturday we woke up and took the kids out to this specialty doughnut shop called the Fractured Pickle, which was really good. Then the kids wanted to go bowling. This was probably one of the funniest times I have had going bowling. We placed a little bet between families and it was one close game with the Strong family coming out on top but only with couple points between us. After bowling the kids just wanted to go back and swim some more, so off we went and swam for a couple more hours. When the kids were done swimming we got some pizza for the kids while the adults went out on date night. The joys of having older kids, Tyler makes a really good babysitter. So Tyler and Jake watched the kids while us adults went out to mesquite to um have a little fun of our own. After are "fun" which the Jacksons are some lucky people while Ryan and I were reminded of why we don't come to mesquiet very often. Date night continued a little longer with an ice cream run and then back to the kids. Sunday was a nice sleep in, let the kids swim one more time, play card games one more time, and get the condo cleaned. We went out for brunch at the Egg and I and then it was time to start driving home. It was a great weekend with friends and a much needed little get away!

During the second week of June Halle started a cute little theater group, Emery is in a creative dance class, and Treven is in a lego class. Spanish Fork puts on this art festival with all these fun class to try out. The kids have been loving them and Emery feels like a little ballerina like her big sister!

Halle had her ballet recital this month also. Her dance company was putting on the show "Over the Rainbow". Halle and her friend Elle were lamplighters and I got to go to the dress rehersal with the girls and got a sneak peek and what was in story for us in a couple days!

First week of Summer

Friday was the last week of school and Saturday we were already off having fun. We had ice cream night at Beisingers before heading off to the Spanish Fork Rodeo. Emery was more interested in Randy's sheep then ice cream! Ryan got tickets from his work and it had been a couple years since I have been to the rodeo. It was a fun night. Emery loved the princess cowgirls and Treven was bored up until the bull riding! It was a fun family night!

Monday brought Trevens golf lessons and early morning weight lifting for football for Tyler. So no sleeping in this summer. Treven went up to Hobble Creek Golf course with his friend Carsen for a golf camp and his dad was licking his chops since if he got Treven into golfing that is just one more golfing buddy for him to get up to the golf course even more!

Monday night was also our yearly Burning of the Homework BBQ for the neighborhood. This has become a really fun tradition and a swear the kids are keeping more of their homework papers just to bring to the burning. We had quite the pile of ash in the pit this year! The company was fantastic and Ryan did a good job on the grill! The kids had fun burning their homework, playing wiffle ball, and roasting smore's.

While Treven was at golf the girls started swim lessons with a new teacher Mrs. Holly and they loved it. She was a very nice pool at her house and Emery was very upset when we had to go and couldn't wait to go back!

We got to have Emma stay with us for two nights since Julie and Will were out with the youth groups this week. They kids loved having Emma and they had a water day, then slept out on the trampoline well they tried to sleep out but came back in by 2am, went to ball games, and of course snowcones and more snow cones!

This is one reason I love Emery, she has the biggest imagination. I came home to find my little girl had made herself and repelling wall on the stairs. Lucky for me I got home in time to stop her when she was trying to have Emma hold the band while she swung from the stairs on the band! But she is my safety girl,  she was prepared and had her helment on!