Sunday, June 15, 2014

End of school......

Oh the end is near. With school almost over that means time for graduation programs. Halle had hers first with the Little Engine that could program, then it was time for Emery's Preschool graduation. They had the cutest program showing off all the songs they learned and projects. Emery loved the dancing and having Grandma Roses and mom cheering her on. Mrs. Beckie was a wonderful teacher and Emery was said to no have preschool any more.

Then it was time for Trevens graduation from 4th grade. He earned the super speller award. He went from getting 2/20 to getting 100% on most of his spelling tests. He also got in the home run math fact club that only a few in his class were able make. He had learn all his times tables. He loved all his teachers and they were one in a million and took so much to make sure he did his best!

After Treven's graduation it was the authors part and the kids showed me all their hard work this year in school. We grabbed a cookie and then went home and sat on the couch and looked through all their papers! Another early out day for the kids.

We had Memorial Weekend before the last week of school, so we me working the weekend they spent a lot of time with dad and had a lot of fun. Saturday the kids went up early to Ryan's work party at Boondocks and had a blast golfing, going on go carts, and playing video games while mom slept. In the afternoon the cousins came down to play with water balloons and Lezlee brought down her slide for the kids to play on.

On Memorial Day Ryan took the kids over to Salem Pond for the Strong breakfast. Again the kids had a blast fishing, tyler went and rode motorcycles with Easton, Halle played with the cousins and Ryan kept them busy so mom could sleep. The last week of school flew by. Jay graduated this year from high school and Ryan and I were able to attend.  It made me think that I only have 4 more years with Tyler and then this will be him. It kinda freaked me out and have the "were did the time go " moment.

Last day of school was here at last! Since mom was done and much as the kids we sluffed the last day. Tyler had gone to lagoon day the day before but decided not to go but instead went with some friends to the mall and to a movie. Well since no one wanted to go to school me and the girls went to a movie while Treven stayed home and played the computer, that was his last day of school wish to play without mom telling him to get off, and Tyler went to school just long enough to pick up some friends. After the movie the kids played water games, Treven had a water fight down at Cole's house, Halle and Emery were at the Blackburns house, while our house had the rowdy teenagers. Tyler and his friends along with some girls had a massive water/balloon fight. Tyler and his friends stayed all day and night. We had hamburgers and then they partied until almost midnight. While Tyler was with his friends taking our our house, Ryan and Treven went up to fathers and sons campout. That left me with the girls so we hopped in with Marla and Kamery and met up with Rachel and Allison for a girls night out to Color Me Mine. It was really fun just being with the girls and I even painted me a butter dish this time. Emery painted a princess piggy bank and I believe it ended up with 100 coats of paint on it. Halle painted a little doggy and did an awesome job! After Color Me Mine Marla and I took the girls out to get some ice cream. It was a busy, but very fun last night of school for all of us!

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