Monday, July 28, 2014

Boys Esclante Trip

Lucky for me our neighbor Tate was good to take pictures since Ryan got home last night and had no pictures on him. The boys had a great time! The boys went with the Johnson's, Clement's, Kyles family, and the Maccabees. Next year Ryan is ready to take Halle with the crew and mom might sneak into the backpack with Emery so we can all go! It looks like to much fun to miss.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

St. George girls trip

While the boys were on their annual backpacking trip with the neighborhood males, Marla and I took the girls down to St. George for a little girl time. The girls were especially excited since they are turning 8 in august and being baptized we went down with the purpose of getting their ears pierced! Those girls had waitid patiently for this. We had fun swimming a lot, shopping a little, watching a lot of movies and playing games, going to the children's museum which turned out to be really cool, and then the moment of truth the ear piercing! The girls did awesome and didn't even shed a tear!

Marla and Kamry had to leave early on Saturday so the girls and I went and found Halle's baptism dress and then made our way home. It was a fun and relaxing weekend and I even got to finish a book or two!