Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tylers City Baseball, Cherry picking, and 4th July weekend

Tyler's city team took 1st this year again. It was a great season and they go onto State in July. Way to go Team!

For something different we went with the neighborhood and took the kids cherry picking. The week before we did ice blocking. So let the adventures begin. Again I got the teenager to come and play with the family! The kids had a blast and I think Emery squished more cherries than put them in her bag. But all the kids loved climbing the high ladders!

Fourth of July weekend cam quick and we PARTIED!!! The night before the 4th our neighbor Tate took the boys along with 6 other boys to go see Captian America. This year we decided to try out Lagoon which Ryan and I hadn't been there in forever. We went up with the Larsen's and the Lambert's. Our neighbors the Blackburns joined in the fun since they were already going up so they joined in our pavallion and even joined us on some rides. It was a really fun day. We went up there around 10:30 and didn't get home until 11PM. The kids had a blast riding all the rides and hanging out with their cousins. We even learned that you don't call peacocks peacocks since Emery got mad at Ryan for "potty talk" when he was trying to tell her the name of this type of bird, so the rest of the day Emery showed us the hecocks! We missed out on the Shecocks. The kids Ryan every which way with the cousins or an Aunt or Uncle or Janette. The best ride was the Snake Rapids since if you got to hot you could just go and get drenched which we did a couple of times! Emery loved any rollarcoaster she would go on and Halle braved Colossis. Ryan took Treven on the ski coaster where they haul you up 150ft where your strapped in a harnis and then you pull the chord and you drop and fly! Treven had no idea that this was what the ride was all about so when they lifted Ryan and Treven up 150ft in the air Treven turned to Ryan and asked no what and were is our parachute? Well he found out quick what the ride was and he had a blast after he got over the intial shock of dropping 100 ft down then flying. It was a great way to spend the 4th of July and then we got to drive home down the freeway enjoying all the cities fireworks as the went off as we drove home.

The fun didn't stop the next day. Treven had his Seals swim meet that morning and did great in the freestyle and backstroke. That afternoon we went out on Utah Lake with the Clements and had almost 6 hours of boating fun tubing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, and kneeboarding. Thank you Clements!

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