Sunday, August 31, 2014

End of summer fun......

The Last two weeks of summer before school started was a mad rush to get in as much fun as possible in between school shopping, football practices, and open houses for the kids schools. Our friend Jessica had a good idea to spend the day out at salem pond. The kids had a blast playing the the water, and especially using the Blackburns kayak's. We had Parker for the week since his parents were out of town so we had a fun week staying busy with Parker. The boys went on a lot of bike rides to get snow cones and going golfing.

One day all the kids were gone with friends so Emery and I took Elsie down to the splash pad to have a little fun of our own. The funny thing was they just wanted to play soccer and eat a snow cone and go back to our house! The splash pad fun was only for like 10 mins!

Helping out with the Relief society monthly meetings has made me had to did deep and find my creative side. I had to post this so my kids can see that yes mom can be artistic at times. This was my pineapple center piece tree I made for our mother daughter lua up at Kelly's Grove. Grandma Roses was nice and came and partied with us that night. Everyone had fun eating yummy food, learning how to hula, and getting some cool pictures taken!

Aunt Julie was a sweetheart and Halle got to have a photo shoot with her for her baptism. Allie was also a sweetheart and did Halle's hair for me. We had a fun girls night out hanging up at Hollys while all the moms got their hair done and the kids played around.

The Eberhard Reunion was held in August this year up in Wellsville. Every year the kids can't wait to go up to the big white water slide and again it was a fun time for all. Of course Ryan and I joined in the fun and we had a blast going slip and sliding all day long! Emery learned how to brave the big slide and wouldn't go with mom and dad but wanted to go by herself all day long, and she did. I think she stopped for 10 mins to eat something and then kept on going!

August brought Ryan coaching football again, but this time it will be with Trevens team. We spend a nice Sunday night sitting out on Janettes patio and watching the boys play a little football.

When we did have football practice it was time spend out on the lake! Our neighbors the Clements got a new boat this year and were so nice to invite us a couple times out to the lake.

Tyler officall finished his Eagle project and Jessica was able to delivery new sporting equipement to Spectrum academy for autistic children for us since Tyler was having football practice every night and couldn't break away. now the hard part is getting the paper work done!