Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kids sayings

Emery while changing her diaper

mom: did you poop in your diaper?
Emery: (looking down while changing the diaper) Oh Crap!

Treven on the way to Aunt Beckies house and me talking about me and Ryan getting married in the temple.

Treven: Mom I just can't decided who to marry, Amelia or Addy they are both just so cute! (Lock your doors Riley and Kim!)

This one just made me proud as a mom and hope this attitude keeps up during the teenage years.

Getting ready for church and hearing Tyler as he goes out the door:

Tyler: See you guys down there I am going to go get ready to pass the sacrament!

The proud thing is I don't have to remind him or get him out the door he just knows his duty now as a priesthood holder.

Halle just coming up from the downstairs and telling me she can't sleep because she can hear me clicking way at the computer! I guess that is my que to stop blogging!

Art City Days

Junes is always our busy summer month with Baseball in full swing, swim camp for Treven, a princess camp for Halle, Tyler going to a week long Scout camp, and poor Emery going along for the ride. We love kicking off our busy month with some good ole fashion fun with Art City Days. Every year along with the kids Ryan and I can't wait for the oh so healthy carnival food, the "I swear I saw you on the Utah County Sheriffs Website" carnival workers and carnial, and Trevens ultimate favorite the parade!  I don't have to worry about food storage with Treven around, he is the best scavanger hunter there is! Every year we probable come home with most of the parade candy so watch out when sitting by us, there will be NO CANDY FOR YOU!

Week started out taking the scouts hiking up Payson Canyon to the Grott with Halle and Kamery along for the ride, then it was finally time for the Carnival. Treven played his best baseball game that night since he knew he was going to the carnival after and then Grandma Roses and Grandpa Averett made it even better by giving him and all my kids $20 to spend and Ryan $20 for carnival food! Treven had two good hits out into the outfield along with a catching a fly ball, and then came the hightlight of the game was watching Treven do is one man pickle! The kids tried to steal 3rd, Treven got the ball and stared chasing him back to 2nd, well Treven can run pretty fast so instead of tagging the runner he ran past the runner and met him at second base. The only problem was Treven forgot to tag him so the runner started going back to 3rd and Treven ran and tagged him out finally. Of course Treven had to do this when neither Ryan or I was taking pictures or filming, but it gave all of us a good laugh and Treven was grinning ear to ear that game!

The carnival was busy but the kids had a ball going on some rides and seeing all their friends! Tyler ran off with Chase and was being the BIG kid now and so we didn't see much of him that night, while I had a good laugh again and how much patience Treven has for long lines, um let me rephrase that, how Treven has no patience for long lines. The first ride Treven saw the line so he walked right up to a boy he didn't even know and ask if he could go with him, the boy tried to show him were the end of the line was, so Treven asked again the boy said okay so Treven got right on the ride. The next ride I watched from afar and saw him just kinda slide into line at the front without anyone noticing and got on the next ride within 2 minutes. I laughted my head off and then took him aside and explained what butting meant and told him to stop. I was fun night and the kids came home exhasuted. Thursday we went swimming at the Spanish Fork Pool with our neighbors the Anderson's, and took the Clement kids with us. Then we met up with the Jackson's and Lezlee. It was a fun time just relaxing at the pool and the next thing I knew we had been their for 3 hours and it was time to get back to Tyler's baseball game. We stayed up late with the kids watching Myth Busters and watching Ryan do bucking bronco with Treven and Emery and we didn't make it up in time to see the hot air balloons take off or the fireman's breakfast, but we did make it down in time for the Children's Art Festival. The kids had a blast getting their faces painted, Treven came home with so many pictures on his face and neck that if they would he would have had them paint his chest! Halle got a beautiful rainbow and Emery wouldn't let them paint her face, but Emery had fun going from booth to booth with Halle doing crafts! We then went down to Central Bank for Free lunch and they had firetrucks there you could climb around on. Treven ate his lunch very fast and then spent the rest of the time exploring the fire trucks. When it was done Treven told me he changed his mind about being a Shot Doctor to being a fireman when he grows up. We stopped by the libary to kill some time until the carnival opened then we went back down with the Clement family and met up with Lezlee and kids to do a couple more rides.

Saturday was the parade and Janette's BBQ. The kids had a blast seeing how much candy they could get while I loved watching Emery wave to all the Princesses and shake her little booty to the music. The BBQ was a blast and the kids had fun having a water balloon fight and running around. That night Ryan was the best husband ever and went down with me to listen to the band Blackhawk at the Arts Park since I loved their music when I was younger. The reason he is the best husband is he truly can't stand most country music and I know he hated every second, but he was a good sport! We came back and watch the fireworks to end a fun week of Art City Day activiities!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Last week of school and 6th Grade Celebration

The last week of school always brings lots of activities and kids that can't wait for summer to come! The Authors party started the flurry of activites with the family getting to get Treven and Tyler out of school early and read all their fun stories. Monday brought field day and mom got to help out in the morning with Tyler's class. The kids had a ball playing water games and Tyler had fun trying to get mom all wet!  Tyler got to go swimming with all the 6th graders will Treven had a beach day in his class. Friday May 25 brought the last day of school and Tyler's 6th grade celebration program. Tyler earned the Presidential Fitness Award and his class did a fun dance and then sang a song to end their school careers at Brookside Elementary. Tyler will move on to Jr. High and mom is a little scared!

That night we had our 2nd annual Strong end of school BBQ. Most the neighborhood came along with their kids and their homework so they burn their homework and enjoy some hot dogs and roasting of the marshmellows. The kids had a great time playing night games, kid ball, and basically running around knowing they didn't have to go back to school for another 3 months!  Summer here we come!