Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Break in St. George

Fall Break finally came and it was time to get out of town and go have some fun. From August to October is a lot of football, football, football and we love it but a break was needed. After Treven's football team won the superbowl it was time to wake up the next day, let the kids miss school and head down to St. George with the Grover's, Johnson's and Schmutz's. We rented this huge house with a heated pool, tennis court, and lots of yard to play in. There was so much picture taking that I think I only downloaded a third of what I have! With four moms taking pictures of the kids we definitely had every moment either on video on a picture!

Weds we all left in the morning and got their in time to go and have lunch at In and Out burger and then kill some time at a park until we could check in.  With four families it made it nice and everyone had a friend to play with the whole trip!

We finally got checked in and even though we had some issues with getting the pool all situated and start getting heated, the boys took no time making sure we knew what this trip was all about, RELAXING! Of course within 15mins of getting our stuff into the house the kids were stripping off clothes and finding their swimsuits. The kids spent the rest of the day and night swimming.

Thursday the kids were up bright and early and surprise surprise back into the pool and hot tub swimming away. Tyler and Clayton had other ideas and stayed up 12 hours playing the Madden on the xbox! They didn't go to bed until 6am! Thursday the kids spent the day swimming, and swimming and swimming some more. If they weren't swimming they were playing volleyball, or tennis, or out on the playground. The moms left for a little bit to do some shopping and had lunch. Then came back to enjoy the pool some more. Blake set up a outside movie for the kids to top off the night. Friday it was swimming again and more laying out in the sun. Later in the day Tyler, Treven, Carson, and Clayton went over to Fiesta Fun and played around there while the other kids, you guessed it went swimming! The boys all went out to dinner and then came back and we had a night of playing just dance and getting our groove on! Scary Movie was on the menu for the adults Friday night. Saturday we had fun getting in more fun in the sun, swimming, tennis, water balloon volleyball. It was a day of college football so the men had fun watching football and fitting in some swimming. Later that night the boys ordered a lot of ribs while the mom went out to dinner. Sunday it was time to go home but the kids got in one last swim in the pool and then we sadly had to say goodbye to our mansion and back to reality.


Cute picture I found! Treven did a golf camp in the summer with his two friends Carlitos and Carson!