Monday, May 21, 2012

Mothers tea

This will be the 3rd mothers tea at Mrs. Hilton's class I have had the privilege to go to. Halle was so excited for this program and had a huge grin on her face when I walked into the classroom. Every time I have been through this program I always cry during the song what a beautiful world with all the kids cute pictures. Halle sang her little heart out and then we got to look at some of her school work, have a brownie, and then got to leave school early! Since dad was gone over mothers day weekend mom got to go and coach Tyler's baseball game and the other kids went and hung out with grandma averett. Saturday Tyler gave me the best mothers day got and babysat the kids so I could go down and go to lunch with Janette, lezlee, and carolee at the trolley. Then the day got even better with jackie and the kids coming out to stay the night and see my grandma averett. Grandmas health had not been the best, but over the last couple of weeks had gotten even worse and grandma was placed on hospice. So the kids and I went and visited with her and gave her our mothers day craft flowers and lots of hugs. After visiting we spend the rest of the day hanging out with jackie and the kids. Sunday came, church was great, lunch at my moms, and then jackie and the kids had to go home. Later that day after going to a viewing with my parents I got the call that grandma averett had passed away. I was sad to have to say goodbye to my grandma but was happy for her that she will no longer be in pain . She had said earlier that day that she wanted to go home and be with her parents. Well she did just that and went home. We will miss you grandma!

Skip, skipper, Strong

I will admit I did not want a dog and was mad at Ryan the day he brought skip home. But within a day of being with skip, he broke me down and I came to tolerate the dog. In the next few weeks of watching the kids hae a ball with him, etching the neighborhood kid come over erly in the morning to play with skip, and then having a 12 yer old boy be the one getting up at 6am to take hhim out to use the bathroom and get feed, I found ILikd hi, even a little bit more. The only groans I get when asked to do something for skip is scooping the poop up. Treven really doesn't like this chore but he is learning th not so fun part about owning a dog. Skip has learned how to sit, speak, and getting the come now command, the only one I wish he would catch on quicker is being fully potty trained. I feel like if he is in the house I am watching him like a hawk! He loves to be held and absolutely loves when the kids wrap him up in a blanket and let him lie on the couch with them. I couldn't help but take this picture of Emery setting up her blanket so she could take a nap with skip under the trampoline.

Tyler's weekend celebration

Sunday brought more birthday fun for Tyler when he got to go down to grandma and grandpa averetts for an ice cream cake and one of his favorite dinners Kentucky fried chicken. Then to keep the birthday fun going tylergotmore cake and ice cream at janettes Sunday dinner and sung to again. I think the best part about Tyler's birthday weekend was watching hi, get the priesthood and seeing how excited he was to get to go to young men's and know that next week he will be passing the sacrament. Tyler has grown in so many ways over the last year it blows my mind. He finally put on some much needed poundage weighing in at hearty 81 lbs. He again is a big help to me and turning into a great babysitter, he has improved ten fold in baseball and basketball (this kid is not afraid to work hard and practice), and he has been a hard worker with Ryan mowing lawns and helping get some beds put together. I still can't believe how lucky I am that I get to be his mom and I know these next few years are going to be exciting but I can't wait to see the man he is going robe since he is already shown me some characteristics I am proud he has. We love you Tyler!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Extreme sports

Ryan and I decided a long time ago that when the kids turned twelve we would take them in their own little trip with mom or dad. Tyler is our first one to reach this point and decided he would like to go with dad to see a professional football game and since that can't happen until fall we let him take two friends over to extreme sports. Tyler,chase,and carter had a blast climbing the rock wall and then falling into foam pits, jumping on the trampolines, and basically running around like crazy! Treven, Halle, and emery also had a blast and didnt want to leave. After it was time for ice cream and then home to let the boys make their own pizzas and play night games.