Friday, August 23, 2013

End of Summer Fun

Oh August time to get in those last minute fun things to do on the "to do list", school shopping, more school shopping, open houses at th schools, and going to the Relief Society Mommy daughter night. My calling in the church is assistant to the Relieft Society Meeting coordinator, which is a very very creative neighbor who I can't keep up with all her awesome ideas, and this was a really fun night. We did a county fair idea and the adults and kids had fun doing games like line dancing, roping, barrel racing, and eating a lot of popcorn. Emery spent the whole time over at the roping area and had more fun riding the calf then roping it!

August is also the time when the kids start to get bored a little and are ready for a schedule and change. Well bored boys can come up with the craziest ideas! Tyler and friends decicded to dress up and go try and sell Pokemon cards as nerds. Oh well it kept them busy for an afternoon and I had a good laugh!

I don't know why in our house that cookie making either turns into a cookie dough fight or just one big mess on my kids. But atleast you can always count on it being fun!

August brings Grandma Roses Birthday and the kids love getting to make the cake and decorate it. We love having Grandma and Grandpa over to try and spoil them since they are always spoiling us!  Happy 63rd Birthday mom!

Time for the growth charting on our laundry door. This year it was fun to see everyone had grown atleast an inch over the summer. The funnest was seeing were Emery is and how much taller she is then Halle was at the same age. Then you have Tyler that is going through a growth spurt and his feet grew 2 sizes and he grew almost 3 inches!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vernal Fun with the Averett Side

Over the first weekend in August it was time to go down to Vernal for Jaron's baptism and spend some time with the Colton and Averett cousins. Kim and the kids came down the a couple days before and we spent the week with Kim, Andrew, and Josh. They kids had a blast getting to play with their cousins, meet up with Jackie and the kids and go to Seven Peaks all together. We kept the kids busy with going to Trafalga, water games on the trampoline, and just getting to hang out all day.

The weekend came and it was time to meet up with the rest of the family. We all got in late on friday night but that didn't stop all of us from staying up late talking. Saturday morning was Jaron's baptism and Tyson baptized him. It was a really neat experience. After the baptism and the lunch we all took off to Stienker Beach for some fun on the Lake. The older kids had so much fun getting to wakeboard, wake skate, surf and basically spend all day out together. The younger kids wanted to stay on the beach and play in the um I don't think I can say sand since they found a huge mud pit and spent most of their time over there. Didn't matter, all the kids were having a ball and the adults were getting in on the fun. Thank you Uncle Trent for letting us use your awesome boat.

Saturday night the Tyler got to go with the older cousins and sneak into his first Church Youth Dance. You are supposed to be 14 but the bad parents we are we told him to go and sneak in. He had fun and even danced with some girls along with his cousin Rachel.

Sunday was our last day before heading home but we all went over to the Quarry to see some dinasour bones. After our little tour is was time to leave and say goodbye to the Averett cousins until Christmas. This year we were lucky to have two family trips with the Averett side and get to spend time at both of their houses. Thank you guys for hosting us this year, it was a blast!