Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birthday Weekend for Mom

Last Friday I got to celebrate my birthday all weekend long! It turned out to be a great 33rd birthday and it wouldn't have been so great if my husband hadn't gone above and beyond! Friday I got to sleep in and wake up to a yummy breakfast of crepes, turkey bacon and fruit. Ryan even had to learn how to cook crepes and did a fantastic job! Then it was off to the Dad's and Doughnuts at the kids school. The kids loving having dad their and I loved being the photographer since I was helping last year with it and only got one picture! The kids loved eating my breakfast and then getting a doughnut on top of that.

This year I helped with the read-a-thon and Treven was into it a 100%. This is my kids that hates to read and he was counting minutes that we have never in his life read before. He did a great job and his motivation was trying to win a scooter that the top reader of each grade would win. Even if he doesn't win I think he might have to get a reward for all his hard work!

After getting done at the school and doing some grocery shopping my mother in law, along with Julie and Lezlee suprised me with pizza for lunch along cake and ice cream! They were such sweethearts and it was fun getting together and talking while the kids played!

I think I gained about 10 lbs today since after a wonderful breakfast, a yummy lunch, we took off with the kids, minus Tyler who got to stay home and have a late night with friends, to eat and wingers with Ryan's family and some of my neices and nephews and then it was off to see the Lorax.

Then came Saturday and my mom and dad who were so wonderful and took the girls all day, since Ryan was out ice fishing with the Young Men, so Tyler, Treven, and I could go snowboarding all day with Jake. The snow was great and Treven and I had a blast hanging out while Jake and Tyler were out on the back mountain.

Finally the weekend was winding down and so Saturday night was spent just hanging with the kids and watching a movie. I believe I fell asleep at like 9pm, that must mean I am getting old=), but it was great to get a little extra Zzzzzzz's. Thank you to everyone who made this birthday great. I got some great presents from friends, good food and fun from family, and just spending time with family and friends made it the best weekend!

This is what happens when you tell your kids they can't play the Wii or the computer until the spend some time outside. I came home to find three boys sumo wrestling out on the tramp.

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The Grover Gang said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Birthday! So glad you got to celebrate for days! That is the best!! I am lovin the sumo wrestling attire!!