Sunday, September 1, 2013

Halle's Birthday, first week of school, and a toothless wonder!

Thursday August 22 brought a lot of suprises! Halle turned 7 on her First day of First grade along with losing her front tooth making her toothless! Halle got to wake up to her favorite breakfast of crepes and our monotone singing. She got to open one present and was so excited to get Stompee's! She has been asking for them for a while now so she worn them all morning.

Her birthday excitement changed to First day of school excitement. Halle couldn't wait to try school lunch, which she found out wasn't all that great and now asked to have a home lunch almost everyday!. Treven was up without me having to pull him out of bed and was ready to be a big 4th grader. Tyler of course was the early bird and let pretty early so him and Carter to walk to school and the new big 8th graders.

I love having the bus stop at our house, it is so fun to see all the kids and there new backpacks and school clothes.

After school and the kids got home and we went to football practices. My parents came up for some cake and ice cream and present opening. Halle was so excited to get another American Girl Doll, cough  cough, along with a dress up trunk from Grandma and Grandpa Averett. Ryan and I got her Littlest pet shop. Then later on that night we had all the Strong Cousins and family up for more cake and ice cream and singing.

I still can't believe my Halle is the big 7. It seems like yesterday we were asking the Dr. to make sure she was a girl when she was born because I couldn't believe I was having a baby girl. She was the best baby and loved to snuggle and still does. Halle is one quick learner and I am amazed at how smart she is and her abilities. She has been doing awesome at soccer and it is fun to watch how fast those skinny little legs can run down the field. She is doing amazing at learning how to play the ukuele and is now trying her hand at Ballet with her friend and loving it. She has a smile that always warms my heart and can always make me smile when she comes and lays with me on the couch and tells me all about her day. Thank you Heavenly father for trusting me with one of your sweet angels and for the blessing she has been in our lives. I love hearing her laughter and love seeing her toothless smile along with how she now pronouces thing due to being toothless.

Emery has been the best cheerleader for her brothers and sister at all their sporting evens. Sometimes she can get a little bored and that is when I find this kins of pictures.

We LOVE our neighborhood and all the fun we have had over the last 7 years. Liz has been having her annual bus stop breakfast for a couple of years and the kids all love having breakfast together and all of us parents love not having to make any breakfast on this morning.

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