Monday, September 23, 2013

Eberhard reunion, Emery's first day, and sports, sports, sports........

First Week of school went by in a blur and then it was Labor Day weekend. The kids were all loving their teachers and classess, and Halle only asked to to stay home once from school during the week, progress! Labor day weekend was a little different for mom since Ryan took off with the kids and Janette to go down to St. George. Halle had decided instead of having a friend party she wanted to go swimming all weekend. I had to work so I stayed back while off the family went to have some fun time with Dad. The came home on Sunday just in Time to go up to Logan the next day for the Eberhard reunion and the kids favorite part, the giant slip and slide.

This is something the kids look forward to every year and Ryan and told them the could stay one more day down at the condo but all the kids voted to come home for this. It was different not having Niel and Carolee and they were sorely missed.

The girls loved doing superman down the slide with dad, even I got to ride superman with Ryan!

The day after Labor day was Emery's first day of preschool and she was up and ready to go! She was so excited to go to school like everyone else, but she was a little dissappointed that the bus didn't pick her up to. Emery is going to Mrs. Becky's BumbleBee Preschool out in Mapleton. When I picked Emery up on her first day all she talked about was her new friends and that going to school was fun and that is is done now. I don't think she understood that you don't just go one day to school but you go every week! She was okay going to second day but she did keep telling me she had already gone to school and she was just fine staying home.

But of course after it was all said and done and she went and had a blast and even asked why I was picking her up so soon!

 Sept and October and very busy months for sports. With Tyler playing football and Ryan coaching, Treven playing football and soccer, and then add Halle's soccer games, nights at our house get a little crazy and I truly cannot remember when we all sat down together at the table! But it is fun and we love it and we all know it won't last forever! Tyler is loving football and playing CB again. Ryan is coaching with Uncle Steve and again and so far they have had another undefeated season. They play the other Springville team on Tomorrow so this will be the breaker if they lose! Treven is having a blast doing both city soccer and football and he is doing really well. In his soccer game over the weekend he scored two goals and has loved being goalie this year. Last year he would just be playing in the net, but this year, watch out, he is kicking some serious buttock. Halle is doing great in soccer and is the only person I know that can leap and kick the ball at the same time!

We have been going to the Springville high school football games this year more since we have Jay our cousin playing. It has been fun supporting him and the Springville red devils. Homecoming was this weekend and everyone was getting into the spirit of the game!

Halle is turning in to a little yogie girl and has some incredible abdominal strength. She did two of my yoga videos by herself so she could get better so she could go to one of aunt Jill's yoga classes! LOVE IT

This year I am helping with Treven's soccer team and they have done an awesome job this year. We have only lost 2 games all season and they are such a great group of boys!

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