Monday, September 1, 2014

Soccer time and Halle's 8th Birthday and Emery first day of preschool

I love August and fall sports. This year Emery is finally old enough to play cub soccer with her nieghborhood friends. Stephanie and Liz are coaching this year and it is the first time in a long time I am not coaching someone or helping coach. With Ryan doing tackle football and all 4 kids in sports this will make running around a little easier. Emery was so excited to play soccer and she couldn't wait for her first game. She had a lot of fun and a lot of fun looking around and doing cartwheels! But hey she may not be scoring goals but she is having fun. Go Maniac Monkey's!

Halle turned 8 this month and of course this is a big birthday year, since she will also be getting baptized. Her birthday fell on a Friday and she got her breakfast in bed and our wonderful singing to help wake her up. Her breakfast in bed was a little small since our neighbor Liz was doing her bus stop breakfast and we can't miss that! All the kids love having breakfast together and Halle even got sung too. Halle got her new set of scriptures along with some fun make up from all of us. Since Halle already got her real present a little early this year, um girls trip to ST. George and getting her ears pierced, she only had one gift from us. She was all smiles during the day and loved all the attention. Later we took her out along with Janette out to eat for her birthday dinner. We didn't do cake and ice cream since the next week she would be having all the family over for her baptism.

Saturday we did Halle's and Kamry's birthday party together. They are two peas in a pod and were even going to be baptized on the same day! We were supposed to have a big water slide party but the weather was playing tricks on us. So Marla and I did plan B and we took 14 kids to the movies and then back to our house to do cupcake wars. The kids had a blast getting sticky from the frosting and being oh so creative! We did one game were they had to close their eyes and then their partner had to be their hands. Let me say they had some pretty awesome cupcakes made! After the cupcakes there was awards and then time for presents. The kids did great and the girls had a great party!

Finally the day came and it was time for Emery to go to school! She was so excited and couldn't wait to go to Mrs. Cindee's.

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